Longchamp pliage messenger as Diaper Bag?

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  1. Hi Ladies: I am 23 weeks w 1st baby and researching potential non-hideous, non-single purpose diaper bags. Does anyone use or recommend the Longchamp Pliage Messenger Bag for use as a diaper bag? (See pic.)

    I've seen in threads that some use the regular tote bags (and I've got plenty of those) but I'm thinking for a diaper bag more compartments would be more useful. I am looking for something stylish, wipe-able, but not overly pricey. For reference, I am a corporate attorney in Washington DC, so need something on the conservative, classic, non-flashy side, hence my inclination towards Longchamp. (Although I'd probably do a color, like bilberry or red, instead of black, to not be TOO boring)

    Any feedback greatly appreciated, thanks!!!!

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  2. I think that would work pretty well as long as a bottle would fit in the front pocket. Baby bottles are VERY leaky, so you can't just trust them to stand up inside the body of the bag.

    Good luck!
  3. i feel like it would be too small...wat about getting one of those purse organizers for the totes?
  4. I saw a girl on the train with this messenger bag and IMO it's too small to be a diaper bag. Make sure you see it in person before you make the purchase. It's really cute though!!
  5. I have been through so many diaper bags.... I can't seem to find one that I really like!
  6. I've been through many diaper bags too the current one I'm loving is by BuiltNY cos it doesn't look like one, very light, and has a neat design.

    I wouldn't recommend anything with leather bits I can't tell you how many times my bags have been machine washed.

    Ed: just realized you're looking for a formal style sorry can't recommend, I haven't found one I like yet!
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    Thanks so much for pointing out the size issue, bagaholic and olialm1 - didn't even occur to me that a model called "messenger" style would be too small, but I checked the dimensions against other baby bags and it's really a lot smaller. Maybe I'll go with the Pliage Tote plus organizer idea then. Would still come out costing much less than a Kate Spade or Coach baby bag.
  8. If you have a kate spade outlet near you, do go and check out the diaper bags...sometimes when they have their extra 50% off sale on their bags, the diaper bags comes up to around $150 which is a great deal!
  9. beware the Longchamp messenger is on the small side. I bought it for work, but you can barely fit a sheet of paper inside. It also does not hold it's shape well. I also think Kate Spade is better for a diaper bag.

    Longchamp Hobo Pliage bag is much bigger. It does not have a lot of pockets but it could work for you.
  10. I love my Not Rational Hansel diaper bag! It's large enough to fit everything I need and the leather is super soft!
    I also am using my LV Palermo GM with the pishposh mommy insert.
  11. @ms. fashionista - nice tip re the kate spade outlets! i do have one near me, and will have to check it out
    @ballet russe - thanks for the specs. if it can't hold enough for work, then def not big enough for baby gear
    @megs - the Hansel bag is hot! but too $$$ and I'd be scared about ruining the leather!

    I'm liking the Seacliff Herringbone by Pottery Barn Kids right now (but would get in black) - preppy and conservative, but big! what do you ladies think?


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  12. I saw that bag and really liked it! The canvas looks durable. I just didn't like the colors. The white is beautiful but I would get it dirty too fast. I believe it also comes in black and yellow.

  13. I have the Pliage Tote which I use for carrying stuff to and from school and it's great. It fits everything but the only negatives are that if the bag becomes too heavy the straps dig into my shoulder (I guess this happens with all bags) and the bottom corners wear easily IMO. If you do purchase it I say get it from Nordstroms because they have a really lax exchange/return policy. After using mine for 5 months the corners were destroyed and they gave me a new one! :smile:
  14. thats a nice bag the longchamp... might get one myself