Longchamp Pliage: Bright/Fun (Nutmeg) or Classic (Black, Brown)?

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  1. Help! I need help deciding if I should get a Pliage in Nutmeg or something more classic like Brown or Black? Magnums has the Nutmeg on sale, so I'm really tempted to buy, but with today's bad economy, is it worth it to have another brightly colored tote bag? BTW, I already have a Longchamp Le Pliage Large tote in Bilberry.

    My other concern is that being asian (fair-tan skinned), would the Nutmeg look bad against my skin? Also, does it go with a lot of other colors?

    Modeling pictures would be much appreciated! :tup:


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  2. HHHMMMM...I say go with the fun color.
  3. the nutmeg is lovely
  4. i vote nutmeg! also, i wouldnt worry about the color against ur skin...its a nice deep mustardy color so i think it would look great! im as pale as they come but i dont mind wearing a white or off white bag :smile:
  5. I wouldn't base color choices on the economy. get what you like the most, because that makes you the happiest. As to the color itself, I never liked yellow and I'm Asian too (MAC NC25-30 if it helps). Would look weird on me, but depending on your very own complexion and clothing choices it could look nice
  6. Thanks, ladies! If it helps anyone who's a more visual thinker, I wear a lot of white t-shirts and jeans, sometimes blue, sometimes black - real simple stuff.
  7. I'm Asian too (but somewhat fair -- Clinique Perfectly Real 04.) and I tend to shy away from yellow-toned anything so I personally would never buy the Nutmeg. That being said, if you love the color then you should get it. I personally would pick the classic colors of black or brown but then again, I don't have very many bright bags.
  8. if you are paying the same price, you should get the black one <-- can use it with everything all year round

    the nutmeg has been on sale recently, you can get an awesome deal these days...if so, yellow may be more fun!
  9. I'm part asian, really light skinned (bare minerals 2nd to lightest color in the light category) and I have really light hair (blonde). When I had dark hair, yellows and mustard colors looked good, but now with really light hair I look so washed out. Its a shame cause yellows are so pretty. But if you have dark hair I think even though your fair skinned it would still look nice. Go with Nutmeg :smile: And as far as color outfits that go with nutmeg, you said you wore a lot of jeans and t-shirt so you'd be safe. But I would not pair it with any bright colored clothing, too much contrast.
  10. nutmeg is a nice color...but i have a white le pliage but its hard to maintain cause of the color...if you want to be safe and no worries if it gets dirty get the black or brown or graphite is also nice..btw, i love the bilberry:smile:
  11. I love the nutmeg - I think this shade of yellow is flattering and can be worn year round. If you already have enough basic colors, this may be a good addition to your wardrobe.
  12. i just received my large le pliage nutmeg yesterday from Magnums. The color is gorgeous!! I went and bought a second one in a different style. I think you will love it. I am asian too. It's a unique fun color that may never come back. So get it soon!!
  13. I actually just noticed the nutmeg color for the first time yesterday and it was an asian girl wearing it.

    she looked *great* imho, so I say go for it! :tup:
  14. i'd say go for it!!! it's a seasonal colour and once the season is over it's really difficult to get hold of them! i'm desperately looking for a bilberry large tote at the moment, but they're all sold out :sad:
    and these bags are definitely more fun in fancy colours! :tup:
  15. I was going to say the same!
    Go for the nutmeg, I bet you will love it! :heart: