Longchamp Planetes Large Shopper Tote on Sale?

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  1. Has anyone seen the Longchamp Planetes large shopper tote on sale? I can find the bag, but haven't found it on sale. TIA!
  2. longchamp.com has been having a sale for quite some time, it's about to end soon, so maybe you should check it out? they mightve ended their sale in stores, i'm not quite sure though...:oh:
  3. Thanks for the heads-up. Checked the site, but didn't see this tote. Thanks again for your suggestion. Will continue to watch for a sale.
  4. i got a duck blue planete at bloomingdales at 40% plus $15 gift certificate for spending i think $75

    this was in sometime after christmas/new years...i think the bloomingdale's in my area ran out of them, it doesn't hurt to call your bloomingdale's and see if they still have them though!
  5. ballet ruse, I did try the search first. There were no posts regarding the Planete currently on sale, and the Longchamp site does not have the bag on sale. Are questions not allowed in this part of the forum? Please let me know. Thanks!
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    please read and follow the links in the threads I mentioned above! TIA. Your bag is available on the Magnums site. As i wrote in my sale post, the boutique had lots of Planetes on sale.

    this forum is for deals and steals you have found. please refrain from personal requests.
  7. If you look on Nordstrom.com early in the morning (i.e. 6-7AM PST), they have the bag on sale. I've seen duck blue and pink-- IIRC, it's around $99.
  8. jesecaah, thanks so much for your Nordstrom tip. Have been checking, but no luck yet. And I have an SA watching for it on sale, too. The large Planetes shopper tote in black doesn't seem to go on sale as often as some of the other styles. Thanks again for your time and consideration in posting!
  9. ^^i shopped the magnums sale this year and the rep told me that the "basic colors" (black included) never go on sale. maybe u could try ebay if ur looking for a deal :smile:
  10. i don't believe i've ever seen black Longchamp bags (planetes or pliages) on sale, except for things like F&F. that's definitely the consensus in all the Longchamp threads.