Longchamp Pilage as a diaper bag?

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  1. I'm thinking of buying a longchamp pilage to use as a diaper bag as I've already spent too much money on other bags and I saw that someone here suggested this as a diaper bag. I love the idea but not sure how it would fit over the handles over my bugaboo bee.

    Does anyone have a photo of how the longchamp would look on a pram? I would really appreciate that :smile:
  2. i don't have a photo but i use my Longchamp as a diaper bag and love it!
    i've yet to use it over the handles b/c i tend to stuff it in the storage basket.
  3. It isn't the same, but I also use a tote (LV Neverfull) for a diaper bag. I would definitely recommed a organizer insert to hold all the baby stuff. Love my Pish Posh mommy organizer.
  4. I tried using my longchamp as diaper bag but it was hard to find anything since there is no way to organize it. I prefer a more structured bag. But if someone can show me how to organize it, I'd love to give it a try again!
  5. I agree you need a bag organizer inside the Pliage or else it is impossible to keep things in order!!!!
  6. i love the Pliage but agree that you need something to create compartments to store things so you know which things are where right away-like a purse organizer or anything with pouches.
  7. I love the le pliage (I have two!) but it just wouldn't work for me as a diaper bag. I need lots of pockets and compartments.
  8. i dont have a baby but when i travel with my pliage i use pursekets and pouchettes to keep organized. theres enough space in there to add as many pockets as u need
  9. Yes an organizer is a must.
  10. Fwiw, I tried the bags w TONS of organizer pockets built into the bag and prefer the open totes/bags that I can fill w my own organizer pouches. It was easier for me to remember what was where when I constantly used the same pouches (a snack one, a dipe one) and made switching bags super-easy. I'd always forget something in the little pockets if I actually used them!
  11. An organizer is definitely a must for Longchamp Le Pliage bags. I have the Bag-2-Go organizer in Large size. It really works wonders! It makes it so easy to look for stuff in my bag and it also gives the bag structure without looking too stiff, unlike base shapers. Plus, it protects the inner lining of the bag from dust and stains too.. Love it! :smile:
  12. I have a Longchamp diaper bag that I bought in 2004. Its camel color and complete with interior pockets for buttwipe case and a matching change pad. I didn't even know they made diaper bags until I went into the Longchamp store to ask...and haven't seen another one since.
  13. The handle of the bee is pretty wide and not sure if the Longchamp would fit over it. You might want to try one of those Mommy Hooks to hold the bag on the handle. The only this it that it might swing a lot when you walk and that might be a little annoying. With the bee I find that it might be better to get a bag that comes with a long strap that will actually fit over the bars or something that has two loops that will hang off the storksak or think king buggy hooks (SkipHop/Kate Spade for example).
  14. Sorry dug up this old thread, but just wondering if everyone is using the medium or large pilage as diaper bags? thanks :smile:
  15. I use the large size and it works fine. I also use the Skip Hop Pronto changer and that is enough to keep things organized in the Pilage.