---Longchamp Owners--- What size Le Pliage for books/work? Need your input please!

  1. Any help would be appreciated!

    I'm definitely not an oversized bag kind of girl, but I'd like to make sure I can fit papers/notebook/a textbook in there too. Would you go with the medium or large? I'm getting the long-handled one, by the way.

    For the large, Magnums says measurements are 13” x 7.5” at base, 13” tall, 19” along zipper. Nordstrom's has 15"W x 12 1/2"H x 8"D.

    For the medium, Magnums has 10" x 5.5" at base, 10" tall, 14" along zipper. Nordstrom says 11 1/2"W x 9"H x 5 1/2"D.

    Thanks for your help! :flowers:
  2. i used the large for school. the medium is intended more as a purse size i think
  3. also, did you see in deals and steals? theyre on sale at magnums
  4. ^ Does the large become too shapeless when you load it up? Thanks :smile:
  5. i dont think so. i mean the bottom kinda comes through so it doesnt hold that perfect shape, but IMO thats just part of the style.
  6. I'm leaning toward chalk right now--is that a no-no, considering it's going to get major mileage?

    Otherwise, I'll settle with black.
  7. i saw the chalk IRL in Nordies and i wasnt a fan, it looked dirty to me. i actually got the white in the small size last summer (slightly addicted, i know) but at the end of the summer i washed it in the machine and it came out like new. for a bookbag, id be hesitant though...
  8. i have a large that i use for school- it's great. doesn't become shapeless and has lots of space-- best thing is that it is lightweight--imho, go with the black, it's classic and perfect.
  9. I large one with the long handles is best for school. I used to fit my textbooks, notebooks, wallet, makeup case, water bottle and lord knows what else.
  10. thanks for all the helpful advice!! i bought the large tote with long handles in black from magnums!
  11. Great choice, violinist girl. I hope you took advantage of the sale they were having---if not, call back for a price adjustment. Black l-champs were 20% off.
  12. large with long handles. its like a tank!!! fits everything in there >.<