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  1. Has anyone ever been to a Longchamp outlet (or specifically the Longchamp outlet in Woodbury)? Can you tell me what's been seen in the past or currently? TIA!!

  2. Wow - that would be fun
  3. I wish I could be a more assistance since I was just there last week. But I'm sooo unfamiliar with this line I can't even begin to tell you the names of the bags. My first experience with them was on Black Friday last year and I had a great time there almost all the items where an add'l 50% off the outlet price. Last week they had some of the popular nylon line (name ??) It had a lot of zippers on it and it was an additional 40-50% off, a few other lines where marked an additional 40% off, and a wall of 50% off retail. I know this doesn't help much but based on my weak descriptions a nice call to the store will at least help you narrow down the really nice sale items. HTH
  4. Hi, I was there in February 07, and I wasn't sufficiently impressed with the markdowns there, so I didn't buy anything. The markdowns were much bigger at Tod's, Ghurka, Prada, Donald Pliner, etc. I felt the same way about the markdowns at Le Sportsac -- not really enticing enough. It just depends on how you want to spend your $$. I prefer to go for the super expensive stuff that's really on markdown.
  5. Oh man! You ladies in N.E. get all the good stores! Lol! The best we've got for outlets in these parts is the Leesburg Premium outlet in Virginia (which is STILL a 2 hour drive for me!).
  6. I got two longchamp bags there last year. The marked down is not that high but I really wanted it. Its still better than buying it retail.
  7. Thanks for all the help! Is it really focused on the nylon lines or are there leather handbags as well? I'm actually looking for some of their larger bags from the rival or rodeo line.

    http://www.magnums.net/ctgy/Longchamp-Leather (website with pictures for reference)

    Thanks again!
  8. I know there is the Longchamp outlet in NY and in Paris.

    Are there any outlets in UK or in Asia? Thank you.
  9. I saw the large Le Pilage bag for $99 which usually goes for $145 in stores or online. But you can always find 20% to 25% off coupons for some online stores which sells LongChamp.
  10. The Longchamp outlet at Paris is at a place called La Vallee. It's the train stop before Disneyland Paris. Has quite a big range in all different colours (leather and canvas) plus accessories such as gloves, scarves and some jewellery (leather bracelets). Also at La Vallee,

    Jimmy Choo
    Ralph Lauren
    Salvatore Ferragamo

    There is another shopping centre next door that has restaurants / coffee shop plus a big supermarket (Auchan).

    Fantastic place to while away a day and pick up some nice stuff..especially if It's raining.
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