Longchamp or Gerard Darel?

  1. I'm a Lomgchamp freak so I vote for it!
  2. i can't open the longchamp link, but i do love the gerald darel :yes:
  3. I can't open the Longchamp link either, but I do like the Gerard Darel bag a lot.
  4. OMG - are you the same "notblushing" on the nest? I swear I just answered this poll somewhere else!!
  5. Yes m'dear, 'tis I! :yes:
  6. Well, the Longchamp link doesn't work, but i would say Longchamp rather than Gerard Darel.
  7. The link works for me, it just takes a few seconds to load... and when I just checked it, I realize it is not specific to the particular bag. The Longchamp I want is the "vintage cuir shearling tote".
  8. have to say, i bought a gerard darel bag....and returned it. granted, my standards can be ridiculously high sometimes, but i wasn't impressed with the quality of the leather....

    on the other hand, i have 2 longchamps bags, one of which is leather - i've had it for YEARS, and it still looks brand new, plus the leather is really high quality.
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