Longchamp Neo Emerald

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  1. Anyone know if this bag is still available? I asked Longchamp Canada and US but no luck


  2. Emerald was among the first batch of colors when the Neo line was introduced in 2014 but it's not currently offered.
  3. Limited
    Ended season
  4. I found a small le pliage tote in that colour yesterday, no neos though
  5. Thanks for the replies.
  6. Can you please look at my Longchamp if this is original i bought this online bagsalltheway and i found out that the engraved YKK at the bottom of the zipper, it is LC MSH graphite
  7. I saw one one outside of Zurich in an outlet in April (a messenger bag type they don't have on the website anymore - not even in other colours). It was too blue-ish for my wardrobe I decided, so I bought the purple NEO messenger bag (the smaller one)... So I think you might find some at sales or in outlets here and there...
  8. Have this neo emerald msh