Longchamp lovers Pliage or Planetes?

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  1. Which is your favorite and why? Which one is easier to clean and will keep it's bottom corners neat longer? I just can't decide.
  2. They are both great, I always get the lepliage because I like to be able to fold it if I wanted/needed to, if you don't really care for this function the I'd go with planetes :smile:
  3. I personally prefer the Le Pliage, just because it's foldable and comes in more colors. I also like the color contrast between the leather handles and the nylon material. Cleaning wise, I'm not sure about the Planetes but I've heard that it's fine to put the Le Pliage totes into the washing machine once in a while. I think the Planetes would probably have better corner wear, since it's made of a thicker material and keeps its shape better.
  4. Thank you ! I have one pliage but it is fairly new so it has not seen much wear. I saw a woman carrying one of the small pliage with the short strap and it looked so cute. Then I saw the planetes online.
  5. Why if I don't need to fold it do you think I should go with the planetes?:smile:
  6. Hey Dcooney4: I own 2 planetes and 2 le pliages. Personally I prefer the planetes line for a few reasons (1) I love the silver hardware and tonal color, (2) it looks dressy when I need it to for work and church and casual enough for a sporting event with my hubby and kids in tow, and (3) it still folds flat (although not into a little square) for traveling. With all that said, you can't go wrong with either line. Good luck!
  7. Two reasons: First, handles & bag are same color (nice & polished looking) the second reason is because the planetes is of thicker nylon (more durable)
  8. Le Pliage for me, please.
    1. It's cheaper
    2. You can get it custom made
    3. More color, size & style options
    4. It's foldable
    5. I've had a Planetes' leather parts break within 2 months of purchase - the coating just peeled off. Not good!
  9. I prefer the le pliage simply because the material is less stiff than the planetes. Although, I think the same color body and strap (nylon and leather) parts is reallly nice for planetes.

    If you dont need to fold the bag, go for the LM edition because the strap/ leather and cotton/ nylon body is real pretty plus the overall bag is still soft (compared to planetes).

    My fave is le pliage LM collection. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391814521.490659.jpg
  10. love your collection
  11. Wonderful collection!
  12. May I ask which planetes you had that peeled ?
  13. Thank you for all your thoughtful answers. You have given me quite a bit to consider.
  14. Question for those of you with the short handle bags do you find you are really using them? They are just so cute.
  15. I've used a short handle planetes for work. great little bag that holds a ton! I will say the coating on the leather handles did start to peel after a year. But I still find it a great lightweight bag. I need to start using it again.