Longchamp limited edition Eiffel tower bag is on sale in saks 5th store

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  1. (beige) Paper/Graphite Eiffel Eiffel Tower Tote with Long Handles is on sale now in store. After tax, shipping and handling, it's $141.50. Without shipping it's $115 with the original price at $145.

    Palm beach store had only one and I got it. But my SA Brian said he can order more from other 4-5 stores if anybody wants this. The contact number is 561-694-9009 ext 356

    Limited edition longchamp on sale :yahoo:

    Here is the link of item
  2. link isn't working
  3. Sold out online already. . . :sad:
  4. darn i had really wanted this!
  5. How much was it on sale for?
  6. 61.99 :sad:
  7. I saw this post and was so excited, and even moreso when I called and the customer service rep told me $61.99...but then they were all sold out :sad: :sad:
  8. ^oh woww good deal..
  9. bet it would look better in other colours?
  10. Awww love this!