Longchamp Les Pliages anyone?

  1. Hi everyone!

    Quick question, I would really like a Longchamp Les Pliages (medium i think) tote in dark blue og green canvas. I've tried to look for it on eBay, but I'm just too scared of running into fakes... And since I live north of nowhere (seriously, 69degrees north, in Northern Norway :smile: ) purchasing it from a store would require a 4 hour plane ride... :wondering

    I guess the Internet is my only option... Do any of you lovely ladies know of a trusted eBay seller or a another good site to purchase them from?

    While we're on the subject... What is a good size in the Les Pliages? It would have to fit my monthly Vogue and Elle of course:P and color which color combo do you prefer?

    :heart: baggiegirl
  2. The Longchamp Website has a special e-shop where you can customize your Les Pilage Bag. I'm addicted to it LOL. All different colors, monogram, etc are available. The service is excellent!
  3. Thanks BagLovingMom, think I would become addicted too, if it wasn't for the fact that they don't ship to Norway...:cursing:

    So then that's out of the question... any other suggestions :confused1:
  4. ^^^^Oh no!!! I think there's a website by the name of magnums or something, let me see if I can find it--they sell the bags over the phone, I'm not sure where they ship, I have also seen the bags occassionally on Saks.com.
  5. I have a Longchamp medium one in purple. I bought it off eBay but you can tell it's authentic by the leather handles. Theyre sort of detailed and are textured so its not just smooth. hope this helps =)
  6. The Longchamp stores don't ship to Norway? Not even their Parisian outpost?

    I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  7. I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to tell if a Longchamp tote is authentic? My aunt gave me one this past year, but she got it in Asia (ahem, capital of fakes?). Thanks!
  8. i should mention that i have the folding one...in the small size, i believe
  9. I have ordered via the Longchamp website too. It is excellent.
  10. they donh't even ship to the UK, jhow logical is that?! :rolleyes::hysteric:
  11. Saks.com and Bloomigdales also have them. NM has them in store and will ship internationally
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