Longchamp Les pilages Tote

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  1. Hey i've seen so many people have the long handle tote for school. I was wondering what dimensions i should go with because i can't really differentiate on the website?
  2. I'd get the large, it's will fit books but it's not so enormous that you can't carry it as a purse.
  3. If your using a bag for school then you have to get the large size with the long handles, it's $132.00. That's the one that's going to fit everything inside. The medium one is too small, it's more of like an everyday bag to through your stuff inside.
  4. another vote for the large. i have a med and a large and the med only holds a notebook + my normal wallet, pens, etc. whereas the large can carry so much more and nothing pokes out!
  5. I have the large ($132). It is not too overwhelmingly big and it fits EVERYTHING - even my winter coat!
  6. yes, if you'll use it for school, you need a Large. Whereas for everyday "normal" purse I would recommend a medium.

    I have a Medium Grey with long handles and love it (and my cat too !!!)


    And one last thing : if it gets dirty : you can just put it in the washing machine (delicate program and cold) :p
  7. I love the grey. Think I am going to get one today now! Also if you design your own I believe you can get it monogrammed which is cool!
  8. Another vote for the large here.
  9. Doesn't that damage the handles though? I've never tried this with mine.
  10. I have the large tote with long handles and love it for rainy days and the gym.
  11. I have a medium with short handles and had a large with long handles [hated the color]. Long handles can be held, short cannot be on the shoulder. Medium holds a lot but not so many books, works as a toiletry bag though.

    Leather can be washed. I have washed stinky old Coaches, a couple bent out of shape Dooneys and an ancient Ghurka that was even lined. Don't know if I am brave enough to put in the washing machine but hand washing is fine for many leathers.
  12. walinette, your cat is adorable!
  13. Yup go big!! Better than to not be able to put everything in the bag.
  14. I always go big on my bags. I can't buy teeny weeny bags anymore. I'm looking for a work bag and now I'm tempted!