longchamp les pilages tote, which size and color do you have?

  1. Just as said in topic. I think the longchamp les pilages tote is very cute and durable. For those of you own one or maybe more, which style (the long handle or short one), which color, which size do you have?

    I am going to get one, or maybe more, need some sugguestion.

  2. I have a medium Longchamp Les Pilages tote with long handles in Red and Dark Brown. I LOVE mine! They are very durable and stylish :yes:
  3. i've always wanted the Large Black with Black Long handles. i've also seen cute ones in Red with brown handles or Tan with brown handles.
  4. Large black with long handles and a planetes in medium, all black.
  5. I have 1 short handled large with gold hardware in brick red and brown. I had this one made at their online customizing service. It used to be my favorite carry on, but after using it for 4 years it's developing some worn spots! :sad:

    I also have 2 short handled large in black for shopping.
  6. A large black with long handles and a small blue planete with blue croc handles.
  7. I have the medium tote with long handles in green and I just got the large tote in fig for Christmas!
  8. Thanks, everyone, now I really want to build a large long handle one.

    which one looks good? or maybe I should just get a solid color, like black or brown.
    longchamp1.JPG longchamp2.JPG longchamp3.JPG longchamp4.JPG
  9. large black with long handles. I love this bag!!!!
  10. Large black with long handles. Perfection.
  11. The small one in ivory, beige, olive and red; the medium size in a dark orange. Love them all! :heart:
  12. I am going to pick one up the next time I am in the city. I think it would be especially great for travelling. I am a germophobe, so I need at least one bag that I can put through airport security and under my seat, and then wipe down with a disinfectant wipe at the end of the day. I don't dare touch my other bags with clorox wipes, lol.

    I want the large, long handled red tote. I considered ordering from the website, but the one thing that stumped me was finding a good stripe color for the red. I figure I might as well pick the bag up at Nordstroms or Bloomingdales, and save the shipping costs, if I am just getting a solid color.
  13. I have a large black one with brown leather handles. It made its way all the way through Eastern Europe, carrying my EOS 20D, iPod and Bose headphones, and my wallet and passport. It's a great totebag.
  14. I have a large purple with long handles. It is a great rainy day bag.
  15. I have the shopping tote (biggest one) in chocolate brown with the long brown handles. It is my school tote and I love it! Stylish and simple:heart: