Longchamp Legende in Los Angeles?

  1. Hey Ladies,

    I really, REALLY want to buy the black, patent Legende bag by Longchamp but I'm having trouble tracking one down in LA. I know I could order it directly from the Longchamps website but I prefer to see the bag in person before I buy, esp. because I'm not sure if I want the medium or the large. Do any of you LA girls know where I can go to see one IRL? Does anyone here own one? Any info is appreciated, TIA!

    Here's a picture for everyone to drool over ;)
  2. That's very nice! But sorry, I'm no help!
  3. Have you gone to Saks and Neimans? That bag is gorgeous!
  4. I haven't gone to any of the stores yet. I'm hoping someone here can confirm before i make the rounds. neither have the bag on their website though...
  5. So I checked Barneys, Saks, Neimans, and Nordstroms last weekend. No luck. :sad:
    Any LA girls spot the Legende anywhere???
  6. i too have been drooling over that bag, but i have seen it IRL (and YES its even nicer :girlsigh:). the large is HUGE if that is any help, like overnight sized. I think the medium is a perfect size. also its kind of hard to tell from those pictures but the patent leather actually has 2 finishes (one the norm; super shiny, but the bulk of the bag is textured). Longchamp's website has a great zooming tool. hope this helps and good luck with your hunt!
  7. Oh wow, that is gorgeous! I hope you can find one!
  8. can you order it from the san francisco longchamp store? maybe give them a call and see how their return policy is. hth!
  9. bloomingdales at scp has a pretty large longchamp boutique. you might want to call there?
  10. bagaholic- thanks for the info. i'm actually leaning towards the big size i think but i'm not positive. i'm usually a big bag kinda girl and it couldn't possibly be bigger than my goyard st. louis gm. i also think it's the size kate moss has been toting around and it looks ok to me. but we shall see... my quest to see one in person still continues... haha.

    ally- thanks for the suggestion but they didn't have it in stock either.

    everyone- thanks for your help. i'm hoping somewhere will get some in stock for christmas so i'm just gonna keep calling in the meantime. we'll see i guess.