Longchamp Legende Clutch - YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE

  1. I bought this Longchamp Legende clutch yesterday and am now not so sure about it. Would appreciate anybody's thoughts on it.

    I want the clutch for a casual day look. Unfortunately, I have lent my digicam to a friend but I did scour the web and managed to find this picture. It's the one being carried by the lady in the black sequin dress.

    The bag is a taupe/grey colour with gold hardware.
  2. i was in bloomingdales today and saw that clutch,i think its really cute.im dying to get the longchamp patent bag in the gold,soo pretty!!
  3. I think it's gorgeous, I love the Legende!
    May I ask the price & did they have any of the black patent bags wherever you bought it?
  4. I like it! The shape and color are really nice!
  5. I think that the styling is fantastic, but IMO it looks too big for something that's carried by a wrist strap. Note that I'm not a large bag person, so if you like big bags, ignore my opinion!
  6. I agree w/ ami kio, it looks way too big to be carried on your wrist. Maybe under your arm would look a little more natural. I would imagine that it would be very straining on your wrist.
  7. i just bought a longchamps rodeo bag in black patent leather...it's light, roomy, easy to carry and i love it! i saw your bag as well and think you'd really get a lot of use out of it!
  8. I like it, but agree with PP that it's too big.
  9. I love large clutches, think they look so elegant!
  10. Thank you all for your comments. The bag is really light and therefore no chance of straining your wrist, IMO.

    I do think that I may have gotten carried away with this day clutch thing and perhaps should plump for something a little more practical, e.g. the Rodeo handbag in patent blue leather or taupe suede. Will have to ponder this one over... but I have to admit that this clutch is really flexible in that it can be either dressed up or down.
  11. BagAngel, I bought it at the Longchamp shop on Bond Street, London. The clutch cost me £205. They also do a patent version for £155 (comes in black, white and gold).

    The entire patent range was in store and therefore I suggest you pop in to take a look. If you don't live in London, you can call up and ask them to send you a catalogue, which includes all the prices in GBP.
  12. I like it!!! For a casual look it's an ideal bag - so keep it!
    Regina :smile:
  13. Thanks Tigger :flowers:
  14. I think it's a very cute oversized clutch. The leather looks really good too!
  15. I went back into Longchamp yesterday and was convinced I was going to exchange it for a more practical tote bag but after much deliberation with the SA, I am now persuaded that the oversize clutch is quite a practical bag and when dressed up with the right shoes will look really sophisticated.

    Guess I am keeping it then...

    Having said that, I did spot a really nice patent orange Rodeo tote bag that could well be my next purchase, unless the new Belen Echandia Be Mine in mustard grabs me first!