Longchamp Le Pliage


Owning how many Le Piliages is "normal"!

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  1. I think it's really classy for a tote bag. A lot of my friends have the bright pink medium shoulder bag and it adds a nice splash of color that definitely stands out in a crowd. And the leather handles make it look a little more elegant than the Herve Chapelier totes. If I were you I'd keep it, but if you feel like it's too bright maybe you can exchange it for a more toned down color like a medium or dark blue?
  2. I think it's alright. I have colleagues at work who use a les pliages tote for their files. (They do carry another handbag apart from that.) But what sort of industry are you in?
  3. wow thanks for the responses :smile: I'm not sure still what I'm going to do about the bag yet. I might just return it and see if I can find something else. I dont like that the Pliage doesnt have a lot of compartments..
    I've been working a year in a financial firm.
  4. I was just going to ask what field you're in too :smile:. I have a friend who is an art director in an ad agency and she wields pink and blue and white totes all the time,and looks great doing it.

    I suppose finance is more conservative though....but the tote sounds great!!
    Hope you are able to decide soon...
  5. Hi, I was asking about Dutchy bags. What do you think about this teal bag?



    Penny Basket Bag
    by Dutchy</B> [​IMG]
    This item is in stock and will ship today if ordered by 2 PM EST

    Note: Limited quantities available

    The perfect bag for a day on the town, or to tote to your casual office this spring and summer! The Penny Basket is a large shoulder bag -- it will fit all of your basics, plus a novel and water bottle...or, leave extra room to stow your purchases for a quick shopping trip after work! The strap is what makes this bag -- constructed of multiple strands of leather, mixed in expertly with amber colored beads. Ring detail and contrast piping complete the picture. Interior is in vintage inspired brocade fabric, with one zip and multiple panel pockets. Measures 19"w x 10"h x 4"d. 12" shoulder drop.

    Color: Teal
  6. Bonjour, a lot of french girls use Pliage for school, work, everyday bag. Here is a super star with the ROSEAU Line.
  7. I bought a small, beige Le Pliage bag yesterday! I love it as it is understated elegance and can look chic and casual at the same time.
  8. I love Lonchamp totes - I have many in different sizes and colors. Here in DC, many women use them - in all different colors, and being that the city has a pretty conservative look, I think you'll be fine using yours in an office setting.
  9. I'm not really familiar with these, and I've not seen one in person, but I've read some of the posts here regarding the Le Pliage and they sound great. We recently bought a boat, so I'm looking for a tote bag I can use to cart our stuff to and from the boat. I'm not sure whether the medium or large would be the best for me. Does anyone have a pic of them carrying either size? Also, I know they have an option of short or long handles, and I thought the long handles would be nice so it could be carried on the shoulder. Does anyone have the long handles, and are they pretty comfy?
  10. I have the large size with the long handles and LOVE it. It folds up to almost nothing so you can pack it on trips and pull it out when you need an extra carry-on bag or to stuff your purse in if it rains.
  11. I have a short-handled smaller tote, and I can still fit it on my shoulder. It's similar to the strap drop on the LV Pochette Accessoires. I wish they had the black one with long straps when I bought mine though :sad: You should go into the store (Saks has them I think?) and try them on to see which size is the best for you.
  12. ^Oh and the handles are super comfortable, I think that's probably my favorite part of the bag :biggrin: They are really soft pliable leather. The bag itself weighs practically nothing. You'll probably find yourself using it for more than just boat trips :smile:
  13. I would definitely go with the long handles if I were you. I made the mistake of getting one with short handles and I hate the fact that I can't carry the bag over my shoulder. I still love the bag though. So versatile, lightweight, and can be folded up.
  14. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I think I'll definitely go with the long straps and probably with the large tote. I don't think anyone in my area is going to have them, so I'll probably have to order one.
  15. i just bought one from my outlet, i went to bloomies first and they just had basic ones, wheras in the outlet i got it cheaper and a fun colour, if you still need a pict seeing it let me know.