Longchamp Le pliage sale at nordstrom

  1. Hey guys, went to Nordstrom today and saw some longchamp Le pliage tote (medium size, retail for $115) for $76.00 w/o tax. Only limited colors though, white, moss green, grayish purplish blue (don't know name). There's small and big ones (retail$132, on sale for $86) too. I think these are not available online since I've checked it. I saw some marc jacobs and kate spade bags, not familiar with the others.
  2. ^ Where is this store if you don't mind my asking?
  3. I called Nordies about it, and they said they can only give me the price if I can show proof that someone had bought it at $76.00, can any of you ladies so kindly provide me with proof? you can white out ur info address I just need to show that it was from Nordies that it was at that price.
  4. Give me a fax number, I'll try to fax you my receipt.