Longchamp le pliage reds?

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm thinking of adding a red to my le pliage collection but I'm not sure what red to get. There is red garance which looks pink and deep red which looks like red brick. I haven't seen them together and the pictures on websites aren't much help. Can someone post comparison pictures and tell me how both cooled look to you? I'd greatly appreciate it Thanks in advance!

    Hoya :smile:
  2. I'm on a break from work and my Deep Red SSH is keeping me company. I see no brick tones, just a vivacious, bright, deepred. So pretty! :smile:

  3. Thanks for the info. The colors in the computer look different than in real life for the Reds that's why I'm asking for visual descriptions.
  4. I too came to the forum today looking for the color comparison thread but this link above is no longer valid.
    After searching for a while I decided to try another day. BTW post numbers do not show up in Tapatalk.

    Will the moderator please make the color comparison thread a sticky. It would be appreciated by many - I am sure. Thanks in advance.
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    Last edited: Apr 2, 2016
    ^Links often seem to get misdirected on the tPF app unfortunately. Not familiar with Tapatalk.

    I just double checked and the link above works fine for me on a desktop, if you can get to one. The thread is currently on page 3 of this subforum. Alternatively, you can search in this subforum for keywords in the name of the thread ("LP comparisons - Color and Sizes") using the tPF search function.

    You actually posted in the LP comparisons thread in late January. http://forum.purseblog.com/longchamp/lp-comparisons-color-and-sizes-900166-14.html#post29736444 So if you go to your user profile and search on your own posts (or just click on your own username), you can find the thread that way too.
  6. I found the thread. And I see the post numbers. Still hope it can be stickied. Thanks all.
  7. I just got a small Le Pliage in Garance. It is hard to capture the true color, but it looks like a strawberry red, if that makes sense. Really bright, without any orange tones. I love it!!!
  8. Thank you! That was a nice shade of red, the original, but they no longer have it at the store. The garage is a blue red. Someone previously described as strawberry. I think that's an accurate description of the color.