Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Handbag as baby/diaper bag?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    So I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant and on the look out for a baby/diaper bag. I'm trying to avoid buying a dedicated "diaper bag" as I would like to use it afterwards as a travel or carry-all type of bag.

    I did have my eyes set on the Le Pliage travel bag with detachable straps after watching Jerusha's video on Youtube:
    Longchamp Travel Bag.png
    However, after calling pretty much all the stores in Australia, searching all the stores while on holiday in Singapore, and even trying to purchase it from the UK/US, it appears this bag is discontinued (boo).

    My next choice is the Le Pliage Neo handbag:
    Longchamp Neo.png
    I would be using a purse organiser insert with this as I know it is just one giant compartment like my Le Pliage long handled tote. I do like that there is a cross body strap which will make the bag more suitable as a baby bag. Has anyone used Neo as a baby bag? Would you recommend the medium or large size? What are your pros/cons? The store near me doesn't have any in stock at the moment so I can't try it on yet.

    Any opinions and reviews would be greatly appreciated.


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    First, congrats on your pregnancy!

    I just bought the Le Pilage Neo bag in Medium (2nd bag pictured in your post) to use as a diaper bag, for the very same reason you mentioned. And I purchased this diaper bag insert to go inside http://www.amazon.com/KF-Diaper-Insert-Organizer-Compartments/dp/B019CNX962/ref=sr_1_4_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1465125825&sr=8-4&keywords=kf+baby.

    I debated between the medium & large, but the large was huge and looked kind of like hand luggage to me so I went with medium. I also debated between the handbag vs. the shopping tote. The handbag won out because of the long strap. At first I was disappointed the long strap looked short, and I didn't think I could wear it crossbody. But when I tried at home, it was long enough. I'm 5'4", and the bag hit me at the hips.

    I'm 36 weeks pregnant now, so obviously I haven't used the bag yet. But I watched a lot of YT videos, and I'm really confident it will work out.

    Edited to add measurements:

    The discontinued travel bag is 36cm x 27.5cm x 15.5 cm

    Neo Medium handbag is 32cm x 28cm x 17cm

    Neo Large handbag is 40cm x 31cm x 18cm

    As I said, the Neo Large felt like hand luggage sized to me.

    Best of luck!
  3. Hi, Congratulations on your pregnancy. It seems that the Le Pliage travel bag is still available at Bagshop, an authorised dealer of LC.


    For the Neo, I should think the medium should already suffice as a diaper bag. I agree with voodoodoll that the large felt more appropriate as a hand luggage bag but of course it also comes down to what you carry. I do own the medium Neo and use it regularly for my essentials and that of my young child. Typically, I will have story books, toys, wipes, snacks, milk, water bottles, change of clothes, a jacket, raingear and my own essentials (wallet and small cosmetic case).
  4. Thank you so much ladies for your replies! Congrats on your pregnancy as well, voodoodoll2005, not long to go now!

    I ultimately decided on getting the discontinued travel bag, the UK Longchamp website still had some in stock, so I ordered through a personal shopper to have it delivered to Australia. I love the look of the Neo more, however practicality won in the end. The travel bag does have interior pockets as well as the outside pocket which would be very handy. Also, it looks more unisex so my husband can tote it around as well.

    Having said that, I am considering ordering the a navy Neo in medium anyway because I just love the look of it! :graucho: I'm glad you ladies mentioned that the medium is more suitable (I'm a minimalist packer and prefer not to bring the entire kitchen sink), otherwise I would have surely picked the large.

    Thanks again for the replies!

  5. If anyone is still looking for the Jerucha LC 'diaper bag' in black, Bloomies in NYC 59th st still has one for 30% off. Contact Emma, the LC specialist there.
  6. Wow, 30% off! Thanks, Seton. I checked out Bloomingdales and just ordered 2 Le pliage toiletry/cosmetic cases to use inside the baby bag! I used a US to Australia forwarding service as it doesn't appear that Longchamp items can be shipped from any overseas major retailers (presumably due to distribution rights in Australia).

    Also currently on sale:

    Le Pliage Cosmetic Case
    US$90 US$63 in black

    Le Pliage Small Cosmetic Case
    US$55 US$38 for some colours including the this gorgeous bilberry

    US$55 for the black

    Happy shopping!