Longchamp Le Pliage modeling pics?

  1. Hellooo Ladies....!! :yahoo:

    searched longchamp and although i found a couple of threads talking about it, i havent found any with modeling pics. :shrugs:
    I'll be expecting a puppy around May, so i was thinking i would be needing a nice sturdy low maintenance no fuss (yet classy) shoulder bag, and i'm thinking of the Medium Shoulder Tote in maybe navy or black.
    would LOVE some more feedback on that + modeling pics!! :nuts:

    TIA!! :flowers:
  2. I have a medium shoulder tote in red and it's fab. i can only find one pic of me wearing it though and I'm pulling a rediculous face, got my bum stuck out and am leaning over my toddler who is having a tantrum. No way am i putting that on the forum!!!!!
    hope someone else has some piccies for you but if you have no luck i'll try and post some next week!
  3. ^^ aaww... c'mon!! that's cute!!! :p
  4. it's hideous!!!!!!!!:lol:
  5. no1?!? :confused1:
  6. :pthis is a red tote (no zip)...am around 5'7". hope this helps!
  7. very nice!! :nuts: thanks!
  8. Abi319, is that a medium? Looks big...
  9. I just received a large tote with long handles in Almond Green but sent it back. I really like the Almond Green but it was a bit too neutral (and older looking) for me, as I am just using it for a bookbag. I also wear a ton of green so I figured it would clash a lot, instead I ordered the terra cotta color which I saw IRL last week and it's really nice! I would recommend bagshop.com as a great place to order them from, they were really helpful.

    I really like the large size with the long handles. I think the smaller ones don't seem as versatile and useful, and the large is not TOO big, it's about 13x13 I think, but it's pretty deep when you put stuff in it so it seems like it will fit a lot.
  10. i dont understand, do u want the bag to hold the dog in? or u just want to be hands free. i dont know if id recommend putting a dog in a longchamp bag, as much as i love them
  11. i think this style comes only in one size (its the one without a zipper) and yes, it is NOT a small bag. :tup: not too big but not small either.
  12. I see. Yes I've seen it on their website. Thanks!
  13. here's a piccie of my medium red longchamp le pliage with shoulder straps.

  14. I have the medium one with long handles to. Are you using it as a "diaper bag" version for your dog?
  15. Thanks flyvetjo!