Longchamp Le Pliage - long VS short handles


Long VS Short handles?

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    Long handles

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    Short handles

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Even though the question is simple doesn't mean finding the answer is.

    I'm planning of purchasing a schoolbag, too be more specific the Longchamp Le Pliage in size M. My problem is that I can't seem to make up my mind whether to go with the long handles or the short ones. Please tell me which one you'd go with and why.

    Thank you for your answer!

    Kindest Regards
  2. Q.Li....two things. 1) for the schoolbag i would recommend long handle (even though i voted for short) and 2) the large Le Pliage bag is the one people use for books. the medium is too small (its more of a purse). I used longchamps through college and i found them to make wonderful bookbags. let us know what you decide!
  3. ^ I agree. I had several different sizes when I was in college. Although I used my backpack for toting books and notebooks, if I had to use the Longchamp for school, I would have used the larger tote with the longer handles.
  4. Longer handles, definitely! It'd be a struggle getting stuff in/out of the short handled version while carrying the bag.
  5. Get the long handles. I'd get the bigger bag for school to, the medium is too small for textbooks and all the other stuff you end up carrying.
  6. get the long handles....i have the short handles and i find it hard to get things out of it
  7. The long handled ones are made in China, the short are made in France. If that makes any difference?
    I only carry the short. Even if they are full. Not because of the China thing, I don't like the look of the long handles. And I've never seen them look chic on anyone like the short ones do. Plus it's not good for your back or shoulders to carry a bag that's so heavy you can't hold it in your hand.
  8. Long is definitely good for school. I might go with short if you are using it as a purse, but with books and stuff, the long are way more functional. Like BagsRmyLife said, the medium wouldn't fit books, but if you were planning on leaving your books in a locker or something and only bringing pens, water bottle, etc., the medium would be fine.

    I have two large with long handles and they have been perfect for school!
  9. I'll go with the long handles, especially the large one. The medium one is too small for heavy textbooks and files. I won't recommend the short handled ones for school because I can bet that you'll get tired carrying the big bag around campus.
  10. I'd say size up to a large and get the long handles. The large holds so much - I took mine to Eastern Europe and managed to pack in, on an average day...
    -A sweater (to wrap my precious camera in)
    -My precious camera (Canon EOS 20D)
    -Pens, pencils
    -iPod and Headphones
    -Sandals (usually my Rainbows, because tromping around in Gentle Souls boots wasn't always weather friendly)
  11. Long handles! I also like the large - it is so handy for a multitude of purposes.
  12. Just repeating what everyone else said... I recommend the large with long handles. I'm using it for school right now, and I also use it for travel. It's perfect.

    Both the long handles and short handles are made in France.
  13. I like the long handles, mostly because I like to be able to carry it over my shoulder.
  14. where did you get this information? i thought all le pliages are made in france....:confused1:

  15. They just started making some of them in China. The last time I bought a long-handled one was this spring and it was made in France.

    Babyjlo will have to tell you where she got the long handles vs. short handles info. I didn't know that.