Longchamp Le Pliage is annoying...debate!

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  1. I don't like Longchamp le Pliage at all...

    I admit i wore some when i went the swimming pool or sport lesson when i was younger... But now...

    First of all I don't like the design of it... reminds me of "granma's bag"
    Second , the bag became very popular in high school , and some of the owner tend to be sooo snobby and feel sooo special because they have a black/brown Longchamp le Pliage.

    I admit , the texture and shape of the bag is very practical and handy , but i would take the biggest size as handluggage in airports , And NOT as an everyday bag...

    Do you have arguments to prove me wrong ? :graucho:

    I like the leather Longchamps in other collection though :shrugs:
  2. i think every style bag serves its purpose. i own a few pliages and use them for the convenience of them (travel, foldability, easy to keep clean, inexpensive etc). theyre great for travel or when i do things that i wouldnt want to get my nicer handbags dirty (for example, i like to use my white one when i go mini golfing in the summer) so i understand why some women like them and use them everyday.
  3. I like them; a duffle-style is good for putting my Hermes or other expensive bag inside to put it on the dirty conveyor belt of the xray at the airport. Then I can fold it up again and put it it in the handbag or my carryon.

    I don't mind the stylres. either.

    I use mine in bad rainy weather because I don't care if it gets wet or dirty.
  4. Thank goodness I am not the only one. I don't have a problem necessarily with the all leather, though I don't have any of those, but the others? Ugh! I bought one to use whlie traveling and I hate it...it's the backpack/fold-up one. It's SO uncomfortable and not practical - only one little pocket at the very top that does not even close, so it's useless to me.
  5. I think it's annoying too, no offense to those who like it. It just seems so old style, I remember these when I was little, there were really good. But it's just annoying and seems like a style stuck in time. It's not even comfortable over the shoulder, and ud have to carry it by handles. I remember when my mom had it when I was young...the handles ripped off the fabric after a year.
  6. I have a large red tote that I think is quite pretty, but I don't use it as an everyday handbag. I use it the way I think it was meant to be used-folded up and packed in my luggage until the return trip home when I've done some shopping and can't fit everything back into my suitcase.
  7. Doesn't appeal to me, but i don't really dislike the bag very much.
  8. i agree about the shoulder comment. The straps are too long (i have the shopper) to hold whats in it, so it keeps on falling off. I use it for a school bag in uni and walking around campus with all the books and laptop makes it sooo difficult! And everyone has one at my school
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    I prefer the all fabric Herve Chapelier bags myself, especially the 925 model (?) which seems to be a good size for most things.
  10. I like it. I use it as a tote bag for work and no one else has one like it. I bought the large size in fig, a pretty violet color.
  11. I agree. Anyone ever find their cellphone in the bottom before the call goes to voice mail? lol
  12. i love it because it's casual, no fuss bag and i have a scoliosis and this fits my budget as for now...
  13. Every time I hear the word "Longchamp" it reminds me of "LeSportSac." Kind of brand you see kids carry in middle and high school. None of their bags ever appealed to me. AT least their signature ones.
  14. I must admit I quite like the shape of Le Pliage - I bought one at the airport in brown/black for my holiday in NYC as I didn't want to bring a designer bag. I now use it for grocery shopping, which it is perfect for. As a handbag it is quite hard to get in and out of, and the handles seriously hurt my shoulders. I did see an all leather version of le pliage at woodbury commons outlet and was very tempted to buy it as I do like the shape.
  15. Not a fan either. It is a sort of matronly bag, which can be thrown around because it's so insignificant.