Longchamp Le Pliage in the Washing Machine

  1. Hi

    I have seen a few people question whether the Le Pliage can be washed in the machine, so I decided to take the plunge (pun intended) with my white one. I have had this bag for a few years but rarely used it because I was afraid of it getting dirty - it is a true white, not creme or ivory. But it was getting dirty just sitting in the closet and I decided I'd rather have it look used from actual use.

    Washed it in a standard top load machine, cold water, "handwash delicate" cycle. It came out great! I will say to remove it immediately from the machine when it's done as I had some very slight color transfer from where the leather handle was resting on the bag. A tiny bit of color came off the edges of the leather handles, but nothing terribly noticeable. The leather did "plump" up after the wash, but went back to normal when it dried and after some light use. I let it drip dry overnight.

    I wouldn't wash the bag this way weekly, but my plan is to do it once a season or so.

    Of course, wash at your own risk, but I wanted to share my experience.

  2. ^^i have washed a bunch of my pliage bags, including the white. i found if i hang it upside down to dry, the color transfer from the leather doesnt happen. i just use my clothesline and clip the corners of the bag to the line so it hangs upside down. HTH :smile:
  3. I do the same! And no problem at all!:smile:
  4. Hmmm... so I have a white le pliage with the tree of life design. It desperately needs a washing, but I'm so nervous that the color from the embroidered birds in the design will run? Anyone have any luck washing this particular design in the washing machine?
  5. Ditto!
  6. Nice! I'll try it now w/ my LePliage :smile:
  7. I went to the Longchamp boutique and asked the question for you.
    The lady said that if you can wash all Le pliages in the washing machine, you cannot do it with embroidered bags. She told me it is better to handwash them....