Longchamp Le Pliage help, please!

  1. I saw a girl carrying a Longchamp Le Pliage bag. It was black, had silver splatter all over, and the handles were silver as well. Is this a limited edition and is it still available anywhere? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! :smile:
  2. I think it might be an older version. I have a cosmetic/pencil case from Longchamp that is black with silver splatter, and it's over 3 years old.
  3. Shame... I'd be more inclined to buy one if they looked a bit more interesting! Silver handles'd do it for me!
  4. there is a possibility to customise your bag, try the website, and silver hardware is definitely an option. It is pricier than a normal bag but the difference is not large - 20 maybe 30 euros
  5. There is an Asian exclusive Longchamp LP bag with silver handles. I saw 3 colors, but I only remember there's red and light pink. I bought the red one. The red is pretty unique - it's not the usual red we see in the basic line. It's something between orange-red, which complements the silver handles better. Retails for S$188 for a medium size bag in Singapore. According to the SA, she said that it is limited edition and not available outside Asia. The bags are made in france though. hths!
  6. hi tabbie...where is this in singapore? i went to the taka branch and they didn't have that. i want, i want, i want!
  7. I think I remember this bag... it was in stores when I went to Paris in Summer of 2004 so you would probably not be able to track one down today, unfortunately. Longchamp does occasionally do printed le pliage bags, if you have a Longchamp boutique near you, go in and check it out. We mostly see their plain Le Pliages and their plain leather bags, but they have a lot more styles. I love their products because they are very well made and reasonably priced.
  8. If you can read french and can get someone who delivers to wherever you live, keep an eye on eBay.fr. Longchamp bags are dirt cheap on that site (not to mention fewer fakes than the US site), and they sell lots of the special edition bags. Parisian women do carry Longchamp!
  9. hi! i was able to buy two, the red-orange with silver handle in medium and a deep purple with silver handle in large in hongkong for 50% off.
  10. eyesight - whereabouts in HK did you buy the bags at half price?! That's a pretty good deal :tup:. TIA!
  11. seasonal bags are usually marked down near to half price during the sales
  12. eyesight - whereabouts in HK did you buy the bags at half price?! That's a pretty good deal [​IMG]. TIA!

    I bought it in the Longchamp boutique in Harbour City and The Landmark in Hongkong last August sale
  13. I bought one of those Le Pliage backpacks while on my trip and I HATED it. It was uncomfortable, a pain in the butt to get into and had only one little pocket that didn't close.

    I did check out the site just now and some of the other bags don't look bad. I sure do have a bad taste in my mouth with Longchamps right now though.

    The one you describe sounds cute though. Mine's plain - aubergine color. I finally figured out how to fold it back up and it's in the bottom of my spare closet right now. Ugh!