Longchamp Le Pliage Defect / Re-stitched Repair Questions

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    Short story: Noticed a defect on my Brand New Le Pliage strap. Thread is coming apart. Bought it from authorized dealer months ago, color is no longer available. Took tag off as It was in original packaging and didn't notice the defect but it is brand new.

    Questions/ Advice Needed: What are my options? (Will they give me a hard time to exchange/ refund/ or repair it?) Can I take it back to any Longchamp store? Has anyone had their straps threads re-stitched? If so may you please provide pictures if possible, or let me know how the experience was? Did it look as good as new? Not sure if I should have them repair a brand new bag with defects just because the color is no longer available.

    Long Story: (sorry for rambling but I need to let it out)
    Hello Everyone,
    I purchased a Le Pliage Tote from an authorized Lonchamp dealer because the color I wanted was no longer available directly from Longchamp. I called and confirmed with Longchamp that it was actually an authorized dealer before I ordered. When I got the bag, it was in its original packaging.. Completely sealed up and clearly never been opened etc.. So I never saw the need to inspect it (silly me as I should have to save me from this headache). Fast forward a few months and I finally opened the package that I kept it in so it wouldn't be dusty to give to my grandmother for her upcoming birthday. I began filling the tote with other gifts I bought for her, and removed the tag as I never intended she would need to return it (big mistake). As I was filling it, I noticed a thread visibly coming apart (one stitching is completely off).. I sent an email with pictures included and a week went by with no response. I called and was promised a call back but they didn't call... So I called the authorized dealer again and got to speak to the owner and kindly explained the situation and asked if Longchamp had a warranty.. Or if it may be repaired but the owner literally started screaming into the phone. My fiancé was in the room with me and heard the entire conversation on speakerphone..his jaw dropped. He was appalled and thought her behavior was very uncalled for. She was furious and fuming and yelling for no reason. I never raised my voice at her once and was not being rude in any way. The lack of customer service was shocking. Sorry for rambling on but I really do not want any other paying customer to go through this. It definitely has not been a pleasant experience. I'm not sure what I should do/ If I should even take the time to make Lonchamp aware of how this authorized retailer behaves. My problem is that I know my grandma specifically fell in love with this color when we went shopping a while back and I cannot locate it anywhere besides this dealer. I've called to check inventory at all major retailers and it's no longer available. I actually fell in the color myself and wanted to get one for myself too, but after this experience I'm not sure if I should attempt to deal with the owner again just for the color. What are your thoughts?
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  3. I haven't had this issue, but I think the quickest way to resolve it is to either call Longchamp for options or take it to a retail store to get it evaluated and discuss repair options.
  4. Thank you
  5. Longchamp is very graceous when it comes to situations like this. They fix and repair and won't give you a hard time - my new LP MSH had problem with the handle and they took care of it quickly. Contacting the seller, as they are an authorised dealer, will likely give immediate result. :smile:
  6. I know I'm a little late to the dance on this, but I just purchased a Le Pliage Navy Tote from Nordstrom and the SA informed me that Nordstrom will repair issues with the bag down the road, e.g. stitching. I didn't follow up on it, but it that is true, makes me want to purchase from Nordstrom in the future!

    I hope you were able to resolve your issue!