Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir - your opinions

  1. After checking them out the medium is too big I'd have to go for a small. The tote was perfect I think I'll get a tote as my first one now I just have to wait for graphite or burgundy to come out.
  2. love the colors!!
  3. I got some comp pics ill try to post them in a few :smile:
  4. Yea can't wait to see them!
  5. here it is : small versus the medium :smile:
    photo credit : Bagaholics
  6. I recently accepted a position with a new company, and to celebrate I purchased the Le Pliage Cuir I've been wanting for the past few months. I got the medium size in brown. I went to a few different stores to find one made in France (just personal preference), and ended up getting it at the Longchamp store in Soho, NYC.

    My shopping partner noticed that my made in France has lighter, almost contrast stitching, while the made in China bag had dark brown stitching that blended more with the leather. Both versions looked nice, I just thought it was interesting that there are indeed differences between the bags produced in different countries, as subtle as they may be.

    Terrible photo attached.

  7. Thanks for the pic the small looks tiny compared to the medium. After checking out the dimensions it's a tad larger than a LV speedy 25 which holds all my junk with space to spare. Is the shoulder strap on the small long enough to wear crossbody like it is on the medium?

  8. Yep the small's strap can be worn crossbody. :smile:
    I think i posted a photo of me wearing a small tan crossbody some pages back. :smile:
  9. Are there any deals out there right now? My MIL wants one and I was hoping to find it at a slight discount for her...
  10. What a beautiful bag. I love this color. I would also choose this bag in the near future
  11. OMG, where have you found this? I was uncertain about it while it was in stores, but now TPF pix have me lemming one too!
  12. gloryanh! Get one!
    It's the easiest all leather bag i've ever had...so handy, soft, light and such lovely colors too. Feels like a feather on your arm (compared to AWangs bags , i know youve been loitering around those forums hehe) and not as expensive as Roccos !
  13. It is made of lambskin and very light:smile:
  14. This is an old post of mine. But thanks. :smile:
  15. I have the tote in the natural and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I noticed that I have a couple of spots on the leather. It almost looks like oil spots where the spot is darker than the natural leather. I have used Apple leather care and guard before I noticed the spots. Any advice on cleaning it or finding someone in Chicago that could clean it? Thanks in advance.