Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir - your opinions

  1. on the UK official site, they started to update the A/W collection, and if you look at Le Pliage Cuir and hover your cursor over the missing colours, you can actually see the new colourways.

  2. On the subject of shortening the strap, I tie one big knot in it using double the strap. Like this.
    2012-07-02 14.09.05.jpg
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  3. ^ Ooh, that really reminds me, I need to break out my red one. :graucho: The color looks like the perfect shade of dark cherry.
  4. New le pliage cuir colors and the whole F/W 2012 are up on Longchamp website!

    I need to choose between fir green or gunmetal.........
  5. I love the burgundy!
  6. :yes:
    I already have a burgundy colored bag ( a Bal which sees the light of day so seldom ) so despite how tempting that Longchamp is, i want a different color.
    I like the gun metal too, but it's not a color I can work into my wardrobe.

    Hhmmmnnnn...maybe wait for S/S 2013, or shoot for one of the colors I don't have in a bigger size....:cool:
  7. Hi all Le Pliage Cuir fans, I love this bag and all your modelling shots. I am also waiting for the A/W range and have been checking the Longchamp website. But as none of the bags are called small/medium/large I'm a bit confused about the larger sizes.

    Thanks to your photos on this thread I have a good idea of the size of the small. But could anyone confirm that I am calling the other sizes by the correct size:
    40x31x18 cm / 15¾x12¼x7 inch - Medium?
    45x35x23 cm / 17¾x14x9 inch - Large (even though only 5cm larger?!)

    Also, could anyone confirm if the medium is the size of the bag on pages 6,7,8,9,10 of this thread?

    Sorry if these are really silly questions but I won't be able to see before ordering and if this has also been answered somewhere else in this thread :p.
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    sounds right to me... and yes, those photos are of the medium cuir handbag :smile:
  9. Thanks Dopey1030. I can now decide between the small and the medium. The new colours are on Longchamp.com but not in stock yet. I'm loving the gun metal and the camel.
  10. You're welcome :smile: Which size are you thinking of getting? Maybe get both? :graucho:
  11. Thanks for the info. I actually chopped off 11 inches!
    thier workmanship is good but they made a terirble mistake.

    The original strap has a Joint line. Since i'm altering the strap shorter for good, I decided to cut off at where the joint line is. and that is about 12 Inches.

    when I collected the strap, I was horrified to see the Joint line is still there! They cut the strap on the wrong side, and only cut off 11 inches...I guessed the tailor made her own decision..... I was very very disappointed as I could have a perfect full Strap. Almost cried!

    Does all your Cuir's Strap has A joint line??
  12. Sharing my bag after chopping off the strap 11 inches.
    I cannot carry it cross body anymore but I prefer it this way. =)

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  13. Ive got both sizes, medium and large before, and even though the large is only 5 cm larger, its VERY VERY VERY big!! Not suitable for everyday use at all.

    The Large size as discussed here is also know officially as the travel size if I'm not wrong. and is available under the Luggage section on the website. its not classified under handbags.

    Others describe the medium size as the Larger size ( of the handbags) so maybe its a bit confusing.
    Hope this help!

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  14. I wished I knew how to tie this knot!
  15. Oh my goodness, just checked out the A/W colors on their site. Definitely wanting the burgundy, though the grey is gorgeous as well.