Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir - your opinions

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  2. I am interested in this line as well.. I wonder about the price point though.
  3. I've seen these bags in stores in Asia. The leather and colors are beautiful in person. I love my nylon Le Pliage but it is worn on the corners. This will be a nice upgrade :smile:
  4. At $400 for the small one, I would rather add a couple more hundred and get something else...but then again, the pink is vvverrryyy tempting....
  5. ...and the blue!
    *sigh* I'm supposed to be on a ban :sad:
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  6. I plan to get one in the near future.
  7. Called my local Longchamp store yesterday. The collection is coming in in march and I asked them to hold the small one with the shoulder strap in orange for me! Sooooo excited! Wish I got it next weekend for a business trip. :sad:
  8. I wonder if its made of real or synthetic leather...
  9. Is this in color turquoise? I like this or the pink one as well...
  10. The leather looks yummy. I want to actually feel the leather before buying it. But I think I'll love it. It'd make a practical baby/diaper bag too IMO :smile:
  11. Love these! The orange and natural would be my choices!
  12. yes, this one is what i like
  13. They're nice for a classic, lightweight, leather bag -- but nothing replaces the original Le Pliage in my heart! I would take the nylon version any day.
  14. nice!! i've always been a le pilage fan! now it's even better with leather! though it's a lot more expensive than the classic le pilage...will have to see it in person to decide