Longchamp Large Tote - Worth It?


Jun 28, 2008
i came from a private girls school and honestly almost every other girl used the longchamp pliage. with that said, im a university student now and i still use it for school everyday. i find it particularly useful whenever it rains or snows especially in the winter (we snow a lot in toronto). i have the long handle/shoulder, large black tote bag and so far its still pretty good. i also like that its easy to clean simply because i can toss it around on the floor. i like to use it mostly to add a cleaner, slightly more put-together look to my casual outfits.

as a travelling bag, i've seen tons of people with the pliage at the airport. i've seen a mother with 2 in a small and large size (to her defense, she has 2-3 kids and i totally understand she needs to carry a lot). i've also been able to pack my laptop, clothes and other necessities for a weekend sleepover (although my makeup and shoes were in another bag).
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Apr 11, 2008
i adore my longchamp pliage bags and i use them for just about everything imaginable. In college, I use it when I dont feel like lugging my messenger bag or bookbag, plus its a cute purse without having to worry about it getting dirty, spilling, etc. (i am use to having to be paranoid about damage to LV vachetta)

Another great use for them is for putting your shampoo/cond. and other liquids in while traveling because if they do spill, you can just rinse out the bag, lol

i also love that they are chic and affordable, i see women carry them who also carry much more expensive bags so it's not like they are labeled as the cheap designer bag or anything, they have a great amount of class to them


Bling and Beyond
Sep 23, 2007
I travel a lot and this bag has been my favorite travel companion!!! Love it!!! Fits tons, affordable, and looks chic. :tup: Its also the perfect rainy day bag.


pointe de la mode
May 4, 2008
totally worth it! i didn't list my 2 cents in the last post so.... i got mine on sale but would totally pay full price. why? because it is pretty stylish, yet it's not so fragile or nice that i have to baby it.

it functions as a work bag that i can set it down on subway floor and carry in the rain, book bag, grocery bag (it's not a plastic bag!). it is my carry on for Paris, my beach tote for Thailand, my bag for dance/exercise stuff... and I can handwash it afterward!