longchamp / huge tote for everyday ideas

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  1. Hi all, I have a suede longchamp bag (which i adore) i can fit all my crap in it, it was $100 from the outlet (bargain) but want something else again,
    you know just a throw around bag thats big? not too expensive, i work with kids so no chanels or hermes needed.. thats for the weekend! any ideas?
    another question, where do you buy longchamps online? i cant find anywhere.

    thanks ladies..(and gents) x
  2. longchamp.com sells them. and they're only $115 for a really good sized one. i personally like my herve chapelier, which is, for me, kinda expensive, it was over $100, i can't remember the exact price. but they come in lots of great colors, including bright ones and just black. in case you can't find any images online, in my collection, under assorted totes, the sea foam and blue one is herve chapelier. hope that helps!
  3. here's a pic of the herve chapelier in basic colors for winter. this one's smaller than the one i have, i'm pretty sure, but they come in huge sizes.
  4. Longchamp or the good ol' LL Bean Boat and Tote, I love those!!
  5. I adore my Herve Chapeliers. I don't really carry anything else as far as totes- those are real workhorses! They may be on the expensive side, but you could run them over with a truck and they'd still be as functional as they were before.
  6. thanks ladies, these links are great, im definetly going to buy another big long champ tote and maybe get one made too...

    thanks :smile:
  7. A little OT, but I'm thinking about buying a Timbuk2 Cargo Tote for the gym... could also work as a diaper bag (when the time comes) or an everyday tote!