longchamp, herve chapelier,

  1. I used to liek the longchamp bag because the quality seemed good, it seemed elegant and able to make with everything. It's sort of that bag that you could wear to the library but you could pull off going anywhere with it. But 90% of the girls at my school have it and I don't want to seem like i'm following a trend....(plus it sort of makes it less unique that everyone know how much you bought it for, where you bought it, etc.)

    What are some tote bags that are really nice and simple and pretty?
    I liked the kate spade one but it was 400 dollars!

    (Btw random question but why do longchamp bags look bad at the store but when they're filled with stuff it looks good?)
  2. sorry, i can't help much since i just bought a le pliage! :smile: i'm interested to hear what others suggest, though.

    and sorry again, off topic, what kind of school do you go to where 90% of the girls have longchamp???? :huh:
  3. Do the girls at your school all wear Pliage? I don't care much for the Pliage, but I like the Planetes collection from Longchamp.

    I also like the timbuk2 bags, but the are certainly not as pretty as the Longchamps. They do the job, though!
  4. in college i had the longchamp and the herve. i found myself more proned to using the herve because i found that less girls had them. although i have to say, theres a reason why everyone carries them. theyre great!!
  5. I go to the University of Texas and I would say I see about 1 out of every 2 girls with one. We also have a big greek system though.. so that might explain some of it.