Longchamp Fans

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  1. Hey Longchamp fans,

    Recently, I bought a Le Pliage (Large) for school. I love it because it's so spacious. I can fit two textbooks there! But that's what I'm afraid of. The handles seem to just be sewn on and I don't know if they're made for carrying so much weight. Anyone else have a Longchamp and carry heavy things? Is it okay? Does it pull at the handles?

  2. i use my le pliage bag for heavy books all the time! they're very sturdy and most likely will not break on you-it hasn't happened to me yet and i've carried it for over a year. even so, I don't think carrying something so heavy on one shoulder is very good for you since it's actually caused my shoulders to hurt now when i exercise. as much as i love my le pliage, i think i'll start putting heavier books into a backpack for a more even distribution of weight.
  3. Don't worry about carrying too much. I use my Large Le Pliage for everything!! When I study at the library, I usually bring two textbooks AND my laptop. The leather straps will start to lose its firmness, but that comes along with wear anyway. ;)
  4. Oh, this bag holds so much that it's almost unbelievable. I use it as a school bag, so i put a huge binder, a water of bottle, my gym clothes, a pair of sneakers, cosmetic case, an extra jacket just in case if it gets chilly in the room, a pair of socks, and etc etc with me each day. Don't worry about the thin straps, i can promise you that you can put as much weight as you want with no problems at all.
  5. I am not sure of the name but I have a green nylon kind of fabric one that folds up with leather handles and it is very strong!
  6. the longchamp bag is a real workhorse don't worry too much about it.. its great for heavy books
  7. I've heard of lots of people using their Longchamps to carry heavy books. They are very sturdy and well made bags.