Longchamp custom le pilage or a cedar street maise kate spade bag?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm only allowed one more bag this year just because it's getting out of hand and I'm imposing a ban on myself. I have a lot of Kate Spade SLGs but have really been crushing on the LC Le pillage customisable version. I'm just looking for a tote because that's my favourite type of bag to carry. I have wanted a kate spade bag for a while but I'm hearing the quality isn't really there. I love the look of the LC but it took a while for it to grow on me as at first I found it plain and ugly. I like the cedar street maise bag in black but haven't bought it yet even though I've been looking for over a year. So I'm not sure. I need help! I'm hoping for one that will last for a long while which is probably the most important thing to me.

    Any thoughts or other alternatives even would be much appreciated. I feel like I need one more bag as my "last bag" this year so that I can stop lusting after bags all the time.

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Le Pliage!
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    As a happy owner of a 10-yr old custom Le Pliage, I am bias but would go for the LP any day of the week! You can get the size, handle length and coloring of your choice plus embossment or embroidery. I had mine embroidered.
    There's a great thread on the Longchamp subforum on the customised goodies tPFers have had done! :smile:
  4. Le pliage!!
  5. Le Pliage!
  6. ISn't a Maise a satchel though? I think it depends on what you want for style. The LP are totes... they hold way more than you think are super light and way easy to store because they fold.

    Now the downs would be they are prone to corner wear, lack pretty much any interior pockets(only one) and can be pesty to get in/out of with the flap and zippered combination.

    FWIW i own two LP.. a small short handled(or mini) and a LH small... i do not own any KS..
  7. Yes the Maise is either handheld or cross body. I don't know why I decided between these two. I guess they're my favourite at the moment.

    I think I agree with everyone here. LC it is :smile:
  8. YOu don't need a reason to be deciding on those two lol, they likely appeal for different reasons.

    So what color LC? that is always a problem with that brand, such a rainbow of choice. ;)
  9. I'm thinking of main colour black, stripe red with yellow embroidery? Or is that quite boring?
  10. Not boring at all. My custom is gunmetal gray on gunmetal gray no embroidery. That's boring. But I still love her
  11. It sounds nice. :smile:
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    Custom Le Pliage or any Longchamp Le pliage ftw!!! I have some serious love for Longchamp Le pliage. While I do like Kate Spade and the Cedar street Maise too, I'd still vote Le pliage (:

    Since you are leaning towards the LC please do a reveal of the beauty you get
  13. Le Pliage is nice for a bag that gets tossed around. Are you really rough with your bags? If so, i think this is your best bet. I wonder perhaps you should also check to see if the tag is made in France?

    Kate Spade is nice and they will always have new sales.

    The le pliage is more timeless.
  14. Not at all! i think all the colors are gorg. I have red and mint.