Longchamp bags for school?

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  1. I just wanted your opinions on using Longchamp bags for school.

    Do you think the large tote would be able to fit books and things for school?? Do any of you use them?
  2. Yes, I think the large tote would be excellent for school.

    Also, if you did a search, you would find many threads on Longchamp bags and also bags for school.

    Happy shopping and best of luck in school! :yes:
  3. I have a large pliage with long handles and I use it everyday for school! I think it's the perfect size.
  4. Yup, the large is perfect:tup:
  5. i used a medium pliage back in my uni days and it was great~ since the books were so heavy~ a light bag really helped!!
  6. im using the large pilage right now, fits all my books, my nalgeen etc.
  7. Yes, I think the large is perfect. :tup: I love it. It's such a great bag.
  8. i just bought the large... but for some reason, it almost seems to be TOO big! do you think one gets used to the size?
  9. Yes, definitely. Once all your things are in there, the bag looks less big than when it's flat and empty.

    Another good option is Herve Chapelier...I used both Longchamp and HC on my lighter days when I was in school. All other times, I used a backpack.
  10. thanks suli :smile:
  11. I saw the totes at Nordstrom..
    I asked if one was the large version and the salesperson said yes..
    It didn't look very large like it could hold books?? :confused1:
    Maybe it was a different size?
  12. Go to their website to view the different sizes of the pliage totes:


    The long handled (shoulder version) tote comes in two sizes only & you definately want the large for books, water, etc.
  13. Yes! I have the Le Pliage Tote Bag in 33 x 33 x 19 cm in the Parma color (plum) and I love it! It's a stylish bag but a little to expensive (mine was $132) - small interior patch pocket doesn't even zip! But I like it and I think you will too. And I heard it's washable too! I got mine yesterday and I am in love with the color!
  14. yup I agree, great bags for school and they hold up really well!

    Good Luck (again) in school!!
  15. I agree, Longchamp bags would be great for school. I used a black Longchamps messenger bag for years and it still looks as good as new.