Longchamp bag to hold Birkin whilst travelling

  1. Hi!
    I know this thread has been done before, but I cant find it when I search. I know some tPFers have a nylong Longchamp bag to cover their Birkins when they go through the x-ray machine etc.

    Can you give me details or point me too the right thread? Fingers crossed, I am off to see AllaboutNice in Nice next week and I want to travel in style! I'll be taking a 35 cm birkin.

    Thank you!
  2. ^^^^Brilliant! thank you!
  3. Great! I have been looking for this thread as well! Thanks Gina!
  4. thanx for the great tip!
  5. I just put mine in its dust bag. I keep it there during the flight, too. No one seems to stare or think it's odd. And if they did, so what? All I care about is not marking up my Birkin.

  6. :party:

    We are off to Monte Carlo to drop by the Grace Kelly exhibition and just may be have enough time to vist H too.
  7. ^ How nice is that to be able to visit the Grace Kelly exhibition! Do take lotsa pictures for us if you can.

    I wonder how long it would take to order this to SG. I am hoping to get one before my trip end of Aug.
  8. I'm too scared to travel with my Birkin....maybe after I've had her awhile I'll lighten up! It would be great to see pics of the Grace Kelly ex....
  9. Gina-b - Thanks for the reference. Your post is #111 on that thread. Magnum's online has them for $145. I'm definitely getting one or two.
  10. ^^ Carol, do check the sizes first. Apparently the ones available on the Longchamp site are all in special sizes unlike the ones normally found in stores.
  11. Have a great time ladies, I am completely jealous!!
  12. Me too...have a wonderful time!!! We want pics! :yahoo:
  13. I bought mine on the website before Christmas, and it was custom made, monogrammed and a my door within a week ! Mine was large enough for a 40cm Birkin. I ordered the extra long handles too. It was great on the plane, and to carry her during a slight rain when I arrived at my destination.

    Love it ! Here's a photo of the Longchamps with a 35cm Birkin inside.

  14. Ok, I found the website for Longchamps and the customizing is great. You chose the Large, right? That's the largest I see available. Thanks, carol