Longchamp at the airport

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  1. I keep reading about the great deals you can get on le pliage at the airports vs the stores. Does anyone know what the prices are currently for le pliage at Heathrow. I am specifically interested in the large with long handles.

    Thanks for your help.:smile:
  2. Large pliage with long handles has a recommended retail price in the UK of £63.

    I guess if you want to shop tax free you should be able to pick something up at the airport, however they generally don't carry the full range.
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    I wouldn't recommend Longchamp Le Pliage... actually I don't even want to recommend this company to anyone!

    I bought a small Le Pliage in 2006 in London Harrods, and it was a limited color, a light coral pink. However, after 5 months not-so-frequent-using, the bag started to get weird bubbles all over on the surface, so you can imagine how awkward it look like..

    I later found out it was their company using different material in 2006 to cause the bubbling problem, but they never announce it to the public.. They assumed the customers have to find out by ourselves.

    So I complained to their USA headquarter in 2009 right after I found out the truth, and they told me it's too late for them to do anything because they don't have a lifetime warranty...

    I was really pissed. And I won't buy anything from this company again!
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    i don't know how the prices at heathrow are, but I bought all my le pliage (I got 5) at my hometown airport stuttgart/germany and they are about 20% cheaper than in stores. though stuttgart is a really small airport they have the whole le pliage range there, so I think heathrow won't be a problem:smile: Love them, and never had any issues with them, ok my large/long handle one went to the garbage 2 weeks ago, but after 5 years of real abuse it should be ok. . .
  5. interesting. the Longchamp I bought in 2006 also had bubble problems. The ones I bought before then and the ones from after then never bubbled. :thinking: Maybe we bought from the bad batch in 2006?
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    Yah, USA Longchamp never announced that due to the different material they used in 2006 caused the bubbling problems. I found this news on a fashion forum in Taiwan. And if you tried to complain to the Longchamp headquarter in New Jersey, they will tell you they can't do anything about it.

    They won't even admit that almost all the Le Pliages that made in 2006 have the same bubbling problems. I asked them if they're able to fix it. They said they don't fix bags in the US, and they will issue me a Longchamp store credit for $43 USD (like half price of my Le Pliage bag) because the color of my bag is discontinued, so they assumed I got my bag during the sale. Since they can't replace me an identical bag, they will only issue a store credit with the lowest price.

    I think it's ridiculous. It doesn't even matter how much money I paid for my Le Pliage bag (Well actually I paid for the full price like £60 pounds, around $95 USD), it's more like I can't do anything with a $43 USD Longchamp store credit. Cheryl at Longchamp USA customer service was the one contacting me.. and seriously I don't understand her logic. If you can't replace me an identical bag, why wouldn't you just replace me another color that I like.. instead of giving me $43 USD store credit for no usage...
  7. I have a custom Le Pliage from 2008 with minor bubbling. To be honest it doesn't bother me.
  8. If its only minor bubbling, I think I can possibly ignore it. However, I have bubbles all over my small Le Pliage. It's a light color so ultra obvious and looks disgusting..
  9. I don't know about Heathrow but when I got my Longchamp at the Duty Free Shop at the Incheon airport in Seoul two summers ago, it was about $118 CDN including tax and everything.
  10. The bags are slightly cheaper at Heathrow but, as already said, the selection can be so-so. It really depends on which terminal you're flying from - some have more than one shop that sells Longchamp.
    I agree with Ashtray-girl - German airports are a great place to get Les Pliages. I often fly to Munich and they always have the full colour range of nylon bags and as well as a lot of the leather models.:smile:
  11. What does this bubbling look like? I can't imagine it. Can anyone post a photo or a description? Scary.
  12. please use search. there are discussions before.

    :back2topic::back2topic: please! Longchamp at the airport?

  13. I have the same problem and they are issuing a US$58 credit which can only be used in boutiques. That is limiting b/c I live in Canada!

    Also, I have a leather tote that also have the bubbling. Although they admit that it is a defect due to the glue that used, they won't/can't do anything about it b/c it is from an old line even though I bought it within the last 5 years. The "5-year" thing isn't indicated on their warranty website so I'd thought I had time to deal with this.

    Who keeps old receipts?

    I won't ever buy from them again. Can't believe such a big company as Longchamp doesn't stand behind their products.
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    They offered to mail me back the leather tote which is useless - the bubbling is all over the front, back and gusset of the bag.

    This is really bad publicity for them if customers continue to use defective products or aren't happy with the after sales service. I would expect this from the Hong Kong store but not the US store. How much would it cost them to replace the defective products to keep their customers happy?

    I know a woman who bought a pair of Bose headphones. Some part broke off and the store just replaced it b/c it was from a defective manufacturing period. No questions asked.
  15. Is this only European airports? The airports near me in the USA just have ugly coffee mugs. :sad:
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