Longchamp at Harrods

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  2. I ordered from Harrods a few weeks ago. Their full-price LC bags were less, including shipping internationally, than some of the sites that were on sale here in the states. When I ordered a couple large Le Pliages during a sale, they came to roughly $65 a piece when they are normally $145. So go for it if you can!
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  3. awwwww, sound great!
    Aright! appreciated for the prompt replied. Nice day! :biggrin:
  4. Hmm, just shared tis with frens around.
    Thanks for de info ya! ;)
  5. Is it just me, or have Harrods removed longchamp from their online site?
  6. No it's not just you. I was surprised earlier this week when I went to Harrods.com and couldn't find any Longchamp. It appears they've stopped carrying the brand online.
  7. So sad :sad:
  8. A few weeks ago, I was browsing through Harrods online and thought about purchasing a Longchamp shoulder tote. When I added it to my cart, it basically converted the price over to the full U.S. price so there was basically no savings at all. Now they are just gone from the site. I can imagine that retailers in the U.S. didn't like losing sales and maybe Longchamp didn't like selling their items for so much less than they usually charge in the U.S.

    Selfridges still has Longchamp on their online site but states "they are not available for delivery to the United States".
  9. +1