Longchamp-annual sale

  1. Right now the Longchamp sale is going on in Europe. All of this seasons colors excluding the classics are on sale. Most bags are 30 to 50 % off! All all of this years collections on sale. Everything is going quickly. Also accesorizes including shoes, cosmetic bags, scarves, sweaters, shirts are on sale. Plus luggage! Great time to get a travel bag!

    I know when i went to my Longchamp boutique everyone was going crazy, i bought about 5 bags! and lots of gifts for family! I know i was dispointed to hear that once these colors are gone (orange, white, green, and some others) they are not coming back. :sad: The bag i wanted and was waiting for to go on sale was bought two days ago so now i will never have it :sad:. My best deal was a med. bag/purse/travelingbag was normally 60euro and i got it for 30!!!!!
  2. are les pilages on sale?!! i want one for travel and for school!
  3. yup! all the spring colors..orange, white, green...i think thats it. They have all the sizes too overnight, shopper, etc..
  4. dang it. i just realized this was going on in europe. silly me.
  5. ^ I wish it was going on in the States too! Darn! :sad:
  6. Is it really a bargain with the $ exchange? Is the sale in the states too?
  7. Forget me I just checked the date....:confused1:
  8. aww i wish it was on sale in the us too. ive found a need for a large pliage. is there usually a sale over the summer too?
  9. is it possible to particpate in longchamp's annual sale with online purchases?
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