longchamp and herve chapelier- school girl bags

  1. to those of you who are in school (i'm in law school) do you carry these bags. i used a chapelier all through college and was totally satisfied. it was sturdy and i only changed bags once a year for the sake of a new colors.

    then i switched to longchamp in law school. i have a fushia one and i love it though i have to scrub it down every once in a while to keep it clean. i threw my chapeliers in the washer but am afraid to do so with the longchamp because of the leather. i am amazed that these bags are so sturdy. i can throw my laptop and 3 textbooks in them and there are no stress tears at all. plus i love the color options. even if others at my school have the bag, it is not MY color.

    are there any other enthusiasts out there.
  2. When I just started working, I bought a black leather tote from Longchamp. It has a removable vinyl lining inside (any dust/dirt can be wiped off easily) with a zipper on top. It's still in great condition after many years. Longchamp's leather and workmanship are great.
  3. i have two herve chapelier totes (a 925 and a 904) and i loooooove them - greatest tote bags ever. very roomy and they sit great on the shoulder. usually i hate any shoulder bag with two straps because one always falls, but not with these. they are also waterproof, which is amazing because not even the Northface backpack i bought at the beginning of college (and used for a week) was waterproof. they're very popular at my school, there's a great store in town that sells all the colors.
  4. I love my Herve Chapelier bags. I have two of them and I use them a lot. They have held up incredibly well through the years. I mostly use them as gym bags, but when I have a lot of stuff to tote around with me, my Chapelier bags are the ones that I reach for.
  5. Yes! I have 2 Chapelier bags, and 5 Longchamp totes. I kind of have a problem. They are really big here in DC.
  6. I have several Longchamp totes and one Chapelier bag. I really like these bags because I don't really have to worry if the get wet or dirty. It is so easy to keep them clean. Also, I am amazed by how much they will hold and how strudy they are. I like that you can customize the Longchamp totes as well. I even have one with my initials on the leather flap.
  7. I like them. I wish I had some :/
  8. I think they are sturdy and practical bags, but almost every gal on campus has one! I only refuse to use a Herve Chapelier/ Longchamp bag because I don't want to be mistaken for an undergrad.
  9. slickskin- what bag do you carry when schelping a big load of books plus a laptop?
  10. Heh, I love them and I'm not a student anymore! I used them all through college with a bunch of other totes and they were by far my favorites. They're just great for carting around a lot of stuff, I still will carry them to the office when I have a lot of things to bring with me. They really are so durable and carefree, I never worry about getting them wet or setting them on the floor (well, except my cream longchamp)...they're great.
  11. I actually don't carry my laptop to school. I'm in grad school for a nurse practitioner program, so laptops and schlepping alot of books are not required. I just use an MJ Stella to carry a binder and/ or files. But for law school, I can only imagine all the stuff you have to bring! :wacko:
  12. how much are these babies? where can i see a pic?
  13. Hi - I am from the Uk and have had a fair few of both bags and both are great - you can machine wash both of them - I use one of my Longchamp's for the beach / holiday handbag and when it gets dirty I put it in the washer on 30 degrees with a little non bio washing liquid(non bleach in US I think) and it is fine ! Comes up a treat - don't put it on a heavy spin though - something like a cool wool wash or silk ... As for the leather - I hang it on a clothers horse / wrack and put it 'near' the radiator - I would say a couple of feet and let it dry over night - if you think it is a little dry just rub some leather cream on it and you will have a NEW bag! Happy days! Let me know if you want any more info - sorry some of the uk/usa conversions might not work - I can never remember what you say ha ha have fun......

  14. I too have washed my Lonchamps in the washing machine, after reading a thread here. It came out great, no damage to the leather and the nylon is clean!!