Longchamp and Birkin 30

  1. I tried to do a search for all threads about Longchamp bags and birkin.. i know that some of you ladies use Longchamp Le Pliage for the birkins when its raining..

    My question is.. As per their website, there are two sizes (long handles)... the bigger one is 33X33X19cm.. does it fit a 30cm birkin perfectly??

  2. The larger SO tote fits a 35 cm birkin (birkin handles bent ever so slightly).
  3. No, Pinkish.......the minimum size should be 33 x 39 x 19 if you want to keep the length and the width dimensions. GINA discusses this very issue in her "going to Paris" thread.....and I think she's got pics too!!!!
  4. ^^ Shopmom.. Thank you ill checkout the thread!