Longchamp 3D Line

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May 29, 2013
Can anyone who owns the 3D bucket/hobo in the larger size, not crossbody, chime in on how they feel about it? Possibly with mod shots? I'm trying to decide...:panic:TIA!
I just bought this bag in the vermillion color in the current LC sale and am LOVING it! The color and leather are TDF and the bag is so light weight, yet still feels really high quality. I own multiple more expensive designer bags but feel the quality of this one is right up there w those. And it’s one of my most comfortable bags. Highly recommend! Am thinking of snagging the midnight navy small 3d tote as well. It’s deeply discounted on the Jomashop site.
Dec 17, 2013
north south bags would look more proportional on your frame.
It depends, like for the Roseau soft tote, I found the larger size was too big for me as well. The new north south Roseau looked intriguing enough but it looks like my country did not order it. My concern for this bag is that the straps might be too long.
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Mar 9, 2015
hey, thanks for the measurement. :flowers: Do you have the small top handle 3D too?
I have that in Amethyst and the strap it came with is WAY too long for me (I'm 5'1"). Luckily that year, they released 3D accessories like a name plate, key chain and shorter straps which I bought even before the bag went on sale at season end hehe. These shorter 3D straps allow for both shoulder and crossbody wear :biggrin:
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