Long Zipped Wallet

  1. Upon realizing my half wallet is too small, I want a long zipped wallet.

    For those who have the long zip, how are you liking it, and, does the interciatto weave cause any inconvenience, e.g., things get caught in between the weave in your bag, etc?

    Also, for those experts, do they make it in Ferro?
  2. I just got my zip wallet and I LOVE it! It is a perfect size! So far no problems with things getting caught in the weave -- for one thing, it's tightly woven, and for another, I don't usually have too much that's loose since I keep my makeup in a makeup bag and use a "chameleon" for other things like pens etc... Anyway, I totally recommend the zip. It's modern and also serves as a great clutch. Iron would be awesome!