Long week + Coach + Me = REVEAL!!!

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  1. So I had a very long week and decided to get some retail therapy in...and besides, it's too hot outside so shopping is the way to go right? Anyhow I ran into my favorite resale boutique earlier this week and found this first gem. I took in some to die for shoes that made my feet want to die and did not pay even close to what you see marked. It had been purchased at Macy's originally and the price you see here in red was the mark down price I assume. I have no idea how much she was originally. I was surprised to see she still had her tags on her and was in mint condition. She had lost a little of her lovely leather fragrance but after a little light handed apple treatment she smells like the day she was born! You will see why I had to be light handed when you see her....

  2. Anyone want to see the rest of her?!
  3. Pretty in Pink! Let's see!!!
  4. Oh, pebbled leather!
  5. im here and I wanna see
  6. ok! Uploading now!
  7. I'm so in love with the pebbled leather!

  8. Gorgeous! I love, love pink.

  9. That is the most random price I've ever seen.

    Adorable, though!
  10. She is a sweet little addition to the pink that is most of my collection!

  11. I love pebbled leather. That pink is gorgeous too! Congrats!
  12. One last shot of her before I move on to the next lovely...

  13. The best part is that after trading in my painful shoes I got her for $10!!!!! No joke!
  14. Today I went to the Coach boutique on my lunch and finally caved on a couple of items I had been on the fence about...
  15. ^^^nice!