Long Wallet Opinions: Legacy Framed vs. Sig Stripe Zip

  1. Hello All,

    I'm needing some opinions on which wallet to get: a Legacy Framed Slim Envelope or the Signature Stripe Accordion Zip-Around.

    What I Need: A long wallet, with at least 6-10 slots (I only use like 6, though), that I can lay my bills/receipts in w/o them becoming wrinkled.

    So far, this is what I think:
    Legacy Framed Slim Envelope
    - Like the cute "frame" style
    - Holds a lot of cards
    - Turnlock closure is cute - but is it functional?
    - Too long - when it folds out?

    Signature Stripe Accordion Zip-Around
    - Everything accessible by opening one zipper
    - Lots of slots for cards, papers
    - Because of the Accordion nature, does it wrinkle bills?
    - Zip-Around = Hassle?

    If you have other recommendations for a wallet, feel free to tell me!
  2. Nice wallet, CaptainPicard! Yeah, I know what you mean, that's why I'm hesitant to get the turnlock (but is un-zipping that much better than a turnlock?) I already have a Black Signature compact wallet, so I'm really looking for a big long one.
  3. Had a Legacy Framed wallet - had major problems with it - change fell out of the back, cards in the slots left "marks" on the other side of wallet, ugh....these all should be fixed with the ones currently in the stores.

    Also purchased the Chelsea Accordion Zip in Black/White while the legacy was being repaired - and I was sold! The bills fit nicely and do not wrinkle. There's plenty of room - 8 Card slots, center coin area with zip, and three "pockets" for stuff - I use one for bills, one for receipts. Lots of room. These even have a small outside pocket. I just ordered a second one in all black. It's really easy to get in and out with one quick zip!

    Have you tried to put your stuff in one at the stores? The SAs at my store always let me "test" items before I buy them (put all my stuff in a bag to make sure it fits, etc).
  4. I really love the legacy wallet--I have the french framed purse in natural and have had no problems with it--but the zip around might be more practical. Stuff won't fall out as easy, so that's a plus. I have no problems with the turnlock and I just love the style but legacy is my favorite of all the Coach styles so I'm biased!
  5. I too have the bleecker wallet. It's great for organizing things.
  6. I have an older style zip around wallet--soho duffle?? I love it. The zipper is convienent for me, it has 12 card slots and nothing gets wrinkled--oh and I can fit my checkbook in it!!
  7. I had this same issue a few weeks ago. I finally went with the bleecker leather checkbook wallet. I liked the zip around wallets but I really wanted a flat pocket that went the length of the wallet and the only ones that did that were in the middle. I have the legacy french purse and I like it but the turnlock is a bit cumbersome. Seems it just takes up a bit too much space or something. Of course I have the agenda with the turnlock so maybe it was just too much turnlock!

    I did think about the bleecker compact wallet. I tried to make it work but it was just too small for me. Oh, and when I tried some of the slim envelope wallets out (which are made similar to the legacy wallet inside) I couldn't easily fit my credit cards in there side by side. It just seemed too tight. I also wound up taking the checkbook portion out of the bleecker wallet and using that pocket for receipts and things. I carry the checkbook in the cover but it is separate from the wallet.

    Hope some of that made sense!!
  8. I agree about the legacy wallets. I love them. I have several. I really like the turn locks and find them no problem at all:heart: While the zip around wallets are more secure.......I find them annoying. I think it really boils down to your lifestyle and the types that you prefer.:yes: So glad Coach has so many flavors to choose from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!