Long wait, but my first Bal finally arrived! Reveal of '07 French Blue

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  1. Hello! New to the Bal forum, but have been reading it incessantly for the last couple of months. I've always liked the style of the City, but until recently, never really felt it was me. For some reason (possibly due to not having bought any bags for over a year, haha!), I recently became a little obsessed with getting a City in a bright color, which would suit me better.

    I'd never before bought a higher end bag preloved, and thought this was the perfect time to give it a try. I ended up finding a 2007 French Blue RH City at Yoogi's Closet, and placed my first order with them! This was back on January 28.

    Well, less than a week later, it arrived to me in Canada! I was super excited, of course, and then a bit crushed when I discovered that YC had sent me not my Bal, but...a Chanel flap. I believe I was the most disappointed woman to ever receive a Chanel bag! :biggrin:


    Anyway, I contacted YC immediately, and they were very good about the whole thing. It turns out that they had mixed up two bags, and sent my Bal to somebody else. I shipped the Chanel back to them, and they promptly reimbursed me for the return shipping plus the customs fees I had incurred. They also offered me a 10% discount on the Bal, if I still wanted it (which I did!).

    Unfortunately, it took a long time for them to receive my Bal! Seems like it might have gotten stuck in US customs for a time, and they were unable to ship it back to me until last week. Amazingly, Canadian customs was super fast and I received my Bal today! It took over a month for me to get my bag, but everything worked out well in the end. I'm pleased with the way YC handled the situation, and this error wouldn't stop me from shopping with them again.

    Finally, here's my new-to-me 2007 French Blue City RH! It came with the dust bag, spare tassels, but no mirror (I'm not fussed as I'm not the type to resell my bags, and I don't see myself using the mirror, anyway).


    I'm in love with the color, and really needed a blue bag in my collection! Also, it's so lightweight—makes my Chloes and RMs feel like anchors.

    One last thing: should I get the bag authenticated in this forum, even though it's from Yoogi's Closet?

    Thank you all so much for letting me share, and also thanks for the many Bal forum posts I've read and learned from!
  2. Such a beautiful color, and in great condition, even after such a long journey! It looks authentic to me, but just for your peace of mind, have it authenticated here by the experts.
  3. Your bag is so beautiful :smile: You are lucky- no fading on this beauty :loveeyes:
    No need to post it in the Authenticate Thread ;)
  4. congrats! :smile:such a great bag. i've personally never had to re-authenticate anything i've bought from yoogi's, but since it's free on here, why not.
  5. Congrats! This color is so pretty! And it looks to be in excellent condition. Enjoy!!!
  6. Your bag is gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  7. Sometimes the long wait makes it even more exciting to receive the bag! Glad it all worked out in the end to your favor! She looks beautiful! Carrying lightweight Bals will definitely spoil you. Enjoy!
  8. LOVE the Bleu de France and I see it has that LOVELY '07 Leather (the best in my opinion!)
  9. Wow - stunning! Looks barely broken in!
  10. Beautiful! Congrats!
  11. Thanks so much to you all! :smile: I think I will get it authenticated here, anyway - as ccbaggirl89 said, it's free!

    I look fwd to wearing this baby out soon! We're finally getting some spring weather, aw yeah!

    PS CeeJay - I spent SO much time going through your collection thread. AMAZING!


  12. Wow, such a pretty colour, and in such beautiful condition, congrats!

    (And very kind of Sssy to authenticate for you)
  13. Congratulations, it's absolutely gorgeous and in such amazing condition.
  14. Stunning blue!! Love love it....Congratulations!
  15. :smile::smile::smile:
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