Long time stalker first time posting in this forum.


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Dec 17, 2008
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Hello everyone. I'm no stranger to the purse forum but I am new in this one. I've admired seeing everyone's beautiful Chanel items. I was wondering if you guys could offer some help or advice.

I really don't know too much about purchasing Chanel but I have a little refund money coming in and I didn't even know if it was possible to purchase one new for around 2K. I want something I can where everyday and prefer over the shoulder .

Just thought I'd ask. You're help and input are appreciated.


Oct 24, 2013
You can grab a mini for 2200 or 2400 (square or rectangular), a WOC for 1600 or 1775, and maybe if you wait to June you might be able to catch a sale bag! Good luck!