Long time overdue....who's up for a reveal?

  1. Thankyou ladies, this Lily is very cool I have to admit. Previously not been drawn to them personally as the usual gold coloured chain on them isn't me, can't wait to take my Lily out for a spin though!
    Sammiantha, I practically live in that cardigan & leggings now! Just so comfortable! xx
  2. Ha ha! Sorry Kaz, my love for mulberry isn't THAT great! :p We called her Anya :hbeat:
  3. Thanks, so glad it wasn't just me then! Although my husband & my bank balance would've preferred everything to back to normal at 11 months post baby, instead of the 11 weeks it's taken with me! :p
  4. Still a famous British handbag designer though....;)
  5. ooohh very nice! I have been eyeing up the pertol blue pieces in mulberry I love the colour. And you lily is beautiful. exciting purchases!
  6. OMG!! You're so right!!! I never made the connection!! What does that say abt me?!!
  7. There's no point in fighting it.....:lol:

    It's a lovely name...let's hope she grows up as successful and talented...:tup::yes:
  8. I was thinking the same :giggles: Can't fight it!!!