Long time overdue....who's up for a reveal?

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    Ok so some of you may remember me on the mulberry forum, particularly from last year but I went AWOL from the TPF radar when last September, I found out I was pregnant. Had a smooth pregnancy but my main symptom was designer handbags & this website suddenly having no appeal to me..I was all very "whatever" about the whole subject...my friends couldn't believe it & looking back so so bizarre.
    Anyway my beautiful baby girl ( my first) is coming up to 11weeks of age, &yesterday I thought sod this I want to get something for myself. My husband thinks we should have another baby...he said it'll be far cheaper! :lol:
    Anyway who's up for a reveal? I think you either love it or hate it. I thought I'd hate it but until it was in my hands I swear i literally felt this rush of love all over again! Went in with intention to come away with this particular bayswater which I'm still going to get but came away with these instead!
    So who's up for a reveal? :biggrin:
  2. I'm here while I grab a quick cuppa!!
  3. I'm here too!
  4. I'm here!
  5. here
  6. Oh I'm rubbish at guesses!

    Also it's hard to guess the size from the photos but I'll have a guess at oak Bryn?
  7. I'm here :smile: congrats on your baby girl!
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    Either a Del Ray or a Limited ed? Both have been a bit of a 'love them or hate them' design on this forum!
  9. Ok ok, as much I'd love to keep the suspense going as I once did, & know frustrating it is for everyone...I haven't got the time either... I've got a baby to look after now you know!!! :lol:......
  10. Ok here they are....


    The iPhone case in Petrol & the Lily in Multicoloured floral patent...which by the way ....I just lurrrve!! :yahoo:
  11. LOVE them both.
    I looked at the petrol iPhone case today, it is such an amazing colour.
    Congrats on the baby, you certainly deserve a treat!
  12. Ooohh.. Totally unexpected! I love the Lily range so thumbs up from me! She's v cute! Congrats on the bag and your baby!
  13. Ahh thanks Kriscat! Hope you've been keeping well!:hugs: