Long time, no see Louis~

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  1. Hey!

    It's been a while since I've posted here since I was living in Tokyo for 6 months. I didn't have much time to obsess about LV or money to drop on it... which I guess is a good thing.

    LV is indeed everywhere in Tokyo. It still shocks me how much Tokyo women take their bags out rain, shine, sleet, or typhoon (saw it!). But it just works, the patina on most bags in Tokyo is amazing!

    Here's a beautiful Louis Vuitton store on Omotesando which is one of the well-to-do drives of Tokyo.

    I couldn't resist one stop into Louis for the new A La Folie line and pick-up a pair of earrings. My visa got stamped just because of it, a Louis stamp in my passport... if only I could've kept it.



    These got a lot of compliments in Japan, and usually they had no idea they were LV. Most Tokyo girls are into the bags only, I saw the sought after Rose Inclusion GM and PM just sitting in a display case waiting to be bought in the Ikebukuro store :wtf:~!

    Now I'm back in the states and nabbed these two pieces for myself for Christmas:



    In comparison with the Bubble

    All my inclusions together

    My DH gave me my little piece of heaven for Christmas and got me a Chanel Black Caviar Jumbo Flap if you'd live to see pics http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/a-very-merry-christmas-227261.html#post4791932

    ...I need the grey!

    Happy New Year guys and girls and I hope we can collect and enjoy much more LV in '08!
  2. congrats on all your goodies!! the last time i went to tokyo i was shocked at how there wasn't much variety. a lot of women go for the mono!
  3. love your inclusion collection...all my favs colors...
  4. Oh your rings are lovely! :love:

    How much did they retail for?
  5. Wow I love those earrings!!
  6. Wow, I love everything you got .... :nuts:

    Especially the La Folie jewelry.

  7. Love your blings :nuts: Congrats :yahoo:
  8. Welcome back!! I love what you got! They look fab on you!!
  9. Thank you!! :heart:

    I was amazed at the mono love too! Also how the Neverfull caught on like a virus! Although I saw some Azur and Damier around. The Damier print is faked and sold everywhere :push:
  10. Everything's so pretty! Congrats! :biggrin:
  11. Thank you! :heart:
    Right now they're retailing for 225.00 :push: The Bubble I think before the hike was under 200... sadly.
  12. I love all of it ... congrats! And oh yeah ... thumbs up on the chanel flap ... gorgeous!
  13. congrats! love your inclusion collection!
  14. LOL Thank you! I feel just a teensy weensy bit guilty I'm not in love with Louis bags right now, but my flap and me were meant to be. :heart::tup:
  15. Congrats on all your gorgeous things and welcome back!! BTW, your DH was so sweet to give you a Chanel for Christmas!!