Long time, no.....reveal!

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  1. Thank you for your kind comments everyone :biggrin: I do like ink as I think it will match with almost any colour and outfit...and once I saw it on the shelf, I thought WOW...tried it on (although I wasn't intending to buy!) and just had to go for it! Plus the leather is so soft and squishy, :drool:

    I will do some modelling tomorrow so you can see the true colour in daylight!
  2. gorgeous congrats!
  3. gorgeous fuzzy love it:heart:
    Ink is such a fab colour- I've got the Ink Daria satchel and the colour is TDF!
  4. Beautiful! I love the ink colour on the Darias. That is one gorgeous tote. I bet you had to snatch it before someone else grabbed it first. The Darias are 'wow' bags, they always look good with any outfit. Looking forward to seeing it on you. big congratulations xx
  5. ^^ IWantANewBag - actually no-one was around it when I took it, but as I came back to the shelf to look at other stuff after trying it on, some lady next to me pointed to another daria and said to her daughter "I don't like that big gold bit, it makes it look really fake"...bearing in mind I was wearing my cerise daria satchel at the time! :rolleyes:
  6. Great choice Fuzzy. I love your collection, it's so colourful!
  7. absolutely lovely! Great purchases!
  8. Congratulations Fuzzy - sounds like you had a good (if not frantic) day!!
  9. Gorgeous Daria, Fuzzy! Soooo envious, enjoy using her!
  10. Love the ink daria! And the keyring is cute.

    Congratulations on great purchases Fuzzy! Looking forward to the mod pics.
  11. lovely bag - congrats and enjoy :smile:
  12. It's a lovely bag Fuzzy. I remember being nearly tempted away from Beatrice for it for my birthday. It's the strap that wowed me as well as the lovely spongy leather.

    Glad about the keyring too. You waited for the burnt orange pom pom didn't you and were disappointed?

    All Good Things ….
  13. Gorgeous bag, fuzzy! I love the colour and you're my "pom pom" twins! :biggrin:
  14. What a beauty!!! Really looking forward to the modelling pics.
    I almost purchased a black Daria Drawstring Tote (on sale) this week, but tried to be reasonable (after several other Mulberry related purchases in the last weeks). Still tempted though, especially after your reveal:blush:...
  15. Wow Fuzzy, that is one STUNNING Daria! I love the drawstring Daria :heart:
    Well worth the your way in! Love the pompon too.